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Vintage Travel

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About Vintage Travel

Vintage Travel began in the tourism industry when founded by Arvind Nayer in 1999. Since then, Vintage Travel has figured out a way to stay independent from other partnering ventures to provide an old-fashioned booking administration to its customers online and over the phone. Furthermore, Vintage Travel ensures ongoing assistance from their knowledgeable team of travel consultants to deliver an expansive range of villas with private pools and secluded spots. Moreover, they provide PDF travel brochures for the more hesitant customers. Finally, Vintage Travel aims to help any customer with a memorable holiday trip.

Vintage Travel’s Products and Services

Vintage Travel provides holiday accommodation that meets the social, traditional, and profound features that customers prefer. They offer unspoilt locations with villas with great views by the seaside for the more adventurous customers and also a few secluded villa properties for the more solitary ones. Furthermore, all-inclusive bookings are encouraged by Vintage Travel to maintain the town's local authenticity instead of drifting from the characteristics of each property. They accomplish this by incorporating cultural elements into the property's features. Furthermore, Vintage Travel provides in-house consultants to assist customers with finding places to visit, such as cafés, festivals, boat hire, and cycle rentals, to name a few. As a result, these services are provided by a Vintage Travel representative via a phone booking for an over-the-counter booking.

Additional Services of Vintage Travel

To book with Vintage Travel, you must agree to the terms and conditions listed on their website. The booking specifies that any customer must pay 75 euros per person, or 30% of the total package price, at least ten weeks before the house rental. Nonetheless, if you book after that time, a condition requires you to pay the entire booking fee. Furthermore, other services, such as activities and catering that the customer has chosen to partake in, are charged additional costs. Again, Vintage Travel plans flights or non-chartered boat travel with an additional fee to your rental booking. Generally, any customer cancellations must be communicated before the trip and include cancellation charges of either 35 euros or 100% of the booking prices for full scratch-offs. If you experience any issues, you can access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Vintage Travel website or contact them directly using the following contact details.


01954 261 431 or +44 1954 261 431


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Milkmaid House, Rampton End, Willingham
cb34 5JB Cambridge
Milkmaid House, Rampton End, Willingham
United Kingdom

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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