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Food and drinks are something that we all need. Without them, our bodies would simply not be able to survive. And sometimes, knowing what you should or shouldn't be eating is like a food and drinks trivia quiz. However, there is also the issue of buying the food and drinks that we want. We go to one shop, just to get home and discover that we could have brought the same thing somewhere else at a much lower cost. But thankfully, those days are now gone! Thanks to the internet, you can find out which shops near you will have the cheapest options for you, and the best quality.

You can look at similar products from different shops, and decide which one will best suit your needs. Looking for a fancy bottle of wine to please your guests? Or Indonesian food take away for a late night at work? Or maybe planning on finding on the web an organic food-store to buy the healthiest veggies for your children's meal.

The big supermarkets will often have similar but different versions of the same food. This is great for if you're on a particular kind of diet, or have certain allergies, or just want the most amount of bang for your buck.

Whatever service of the food & wine sector you are going for, it's important to see if companies deliver what they promise. Whether it's quality, price or delivery, it' important to read other customers' reviews to make a well-informed decision.


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    A meal isn't complete with a glass of wine. Although there are many online wine retailers, finding the right wine online can be a daunting task. xtraWine i

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    The Drink Shop

    After a hard day at the office, a glass of your favourite wine helps you to relax. It is a relaxing pastime and one that your friends and family can enjoy too.

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    A glass of whiskey a day is said to be healthy for a person’s heart. The same is said for a glass of red wine. Of course, a good drink with friends and fa

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    Vintage Wine Gifts

    Are you a vinophile? There are many ways to enjoy wine and to collect your favourites, and the online marketplaces have made it possible for wine lovers and con

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    Craft beers are growing in popularity around the world. Thanks to the Internet, lovers of craft beer aren’t restricted to brewers only in their town, city

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    Just Miniatures

    Alcohol consumed moderately has some health benefits which has been proven medically. If taken responsibly and moderately the following are its benefits: it red

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    Wiltshire Farm Foods

    It is important to eat good food for healthy living. Even though processed foods have become the order of the century, you should try your best possible to eat

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    Wines and alcoholic beverages are amongst the types of liquid that humans can consume. Even though they are not among the safest drinks, they have their benefit

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    The Whisky Barrel

    The word whisky has its origins in Gaelic language, and literally means ‘the water of life’. Whether or not you consider whisky to be the water of l

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    If you enjoy baking, it can be one of the most relaxing, creative and enjoyable activities you can do. Spending hours in the kitchen coming up with the next rec

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    Juices are usually squeezed and put in a glass then added water, that was before all the technology was invented. Simple, easy and plain. Then blenders are inve

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    KBK Meal Prep

    Do not listen to people that preach about losing weight at the expense of eating tasteless and boring meals. Yes, it's good to lose weight, but you can do t

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    The Spirits Embassy

    With the help of your smartphone, you can make a purchase for liquors with just a few clicks. We often want alcohol here and now with the most minimal effort po

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    Are you a beer enthusiast and in search of the latest brewery to purchase? The beer we bring to you is some of the highly sought beers in 25 states across the U

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    Chef Akila

    How do you know a recipe that’s complete? If this is the question on your mind then you’ve got to keep reading to make some interesting discovery. S

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    What type of wine do you like? Do you choose your wine based on the vintage, the ingredients, or even the country it is coming from? Or maybe you are just someo

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    The Bottle Club

    If people haven't made up their mind to remove the bottle cork from their drink, they can turn to science for answers that may help them come to a good decision

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    Master of Malt

    A lot of people frown at the word liquor but maybe they have heard over and over how much a downer drinking liquor can be for their overall well-being. In every

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    Sometimes, we find that we run out of ideas for quality gifts to friends and loved ones. Jewellery? That was last Christmas. Clothes? That was two years ago? A

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    Pong Cheese

    Cheese can be described as a whole food, which entails that it is generally good for people provided that people do not take it in excess. The process of making