Privacy & Disclaimer

As a respectable and honest company, ReviewsBird takes our responsibility to all of our users seriously. With every single person registered with us, and every review left, we will always uphold and respect the rights of the reviewer and the companies. The following page your guide to the matters of privacy and other disclaimers. Within this page, you should be able to find everything that you need to in order to understand what our policies are in these particular areas. We aim to be the website that people can rely upon whenever they wish to write a review about anything at all.

What is Privacy?

Privacy is something that we at ReviewsBird take very seriously. The basic concept of privacy is that information which you do not wish to be published will not be published. This could include information such as your phone number, email address, or home address. Such information shall never be shared. And that includes both other users and third parties. A third party is an external website or organisation that wishes to use your contact or personal information to send you promotions or advertisements of themselves. Our privacy policy is our promise to you. Since we want you to trust us and rely on us, it wouldn't make sense for us to ever break that promise.

Why Privacy Matter
Privacy is important for both moral and legal reasons. Morally speaking, it would be wrong of us to pass your information onto third parties or other uses who could use it to their own advantage. Many of us know the feeling of having to scroll through hundreds of span emails, or having to open up adverts disguised as letters. At ReviewsBird, we do all we can to avoid this happening to you. But it's not just our moral obligation, it's our legal one too. GDPR laws set out clear guidelines about what we need to do to protect your privacy. The law states that we are not allowed to pass on any information of yours onto third parties without your explicit permission.

How we uphold our privacy policy
To be able to uphold our own privacy policy, we have several methods in place to prevent your information from getting into the hands of people who it doesn't belong to. Firstly, we will always comply with the laws and the GDPR regulations which are in place to protect you. We also store any information on our system in a highly secured database which is almost impossible for hackers to get into and sell on your information. However, be warned that in the event that a hacking does take place, we cannot be held liable. And as we've already spoken about, we will never pass on your personal or private information without your permission explicitly given to us. Should you publish this information yourself (for example, if you leave it on a review that you leave), then you won't be able to hold us accountable for any information which has gone into the hands of the wrong people. Protecting your privacy is our responsibility but also the responsibility of yourself.

Public Reviews

We are a public review site. As this might suggest, we are a review site which is open to the public. Any and all opinions posted on ReviewsBird are exclusively the opinion of the individual reviewers, and will never reflect the thoughts or views of ReviewsBird .

Incorrect inform
In the event that you should find some information that you find to be incorrect, then ReviewsBird cannot be held liable for any public misunderstanding that this may cause. Since we are a neutral platform, we will never delete any reviews based upon their positivity or negativity. The only exception to this would be if we have valid reason to believe that the company being reviewed has paid to have a positive review written about them. Or if a competitor has paid to have a negative review written.

Why we remove some reviews
Whilst it is rare for us to remove a review, we may do under certain circumstances, these include…

• When we have valid reason to think that a review posted has a financial incentive.
• When reviews use threatening or illegal language.
• Any reviews that involve swear words, racial/sexist/otherwise discriminatory language.
• Reviews which involve sexually explicit language or images.

Other information
Cookies are tiny little invisible text files that track the movements of each user on a certain website. Here at ReviewsBird, we use cookies to be able to deliver the best service that we possibly can to our users by tracking their previous actions, and trying to direct them to services, companies, and categories which we believe will be beneficial. If you do not wish for us to track your cookies, then this can easily be done. All you will need to do is disable cookies in your browser. How to do this will vary depending upon what browser you're using.

For Companies
By signing up your company for ReviewsBird, you are agreeing that you understand ReviewsBird to be an open platform in which anyone will be able to write and leave a review. These reviews can be either positive or negative. You do not have any right to remove a review simply because it portrays you in a negative manner. In the event that you resolve an issue with someone who has written a negative review, we can add a "Resolved" watermark to the review. But only with the permission of both company and reviewer.

The whole idea of ReviewsBird is that people who want to know where they should be spending their money will be able to find as much information as they can. For this reason, we ask our reviewers to add in as much detail as they can whenever they leave a review. This will enable people to understand more about their potential options. For example, if service isn't very good, explain why. Is it the long waiting times? The rudeness of the staff? If an issue occurs which isn't the fault of the company, make sure you explain the issue, and what they have done to resolve it.