Get Your Insight on the Waitrose Christmas Food

Waitrose Christmas Food is about making your holiday season a little bit brighter. From classic Christmas lunch and dinner offerings like mince pies and honey-glazed ham to new and unique treats, Waitrose has something for everyone. However, with so many delicious options, deciding which Waitrose Christmas food items you should choose for your holiday celebration can take time and effort. That's why this blog by the online review platform provides insight into Waitrose's seasonal goods and Christmas food for you to decide what to get for the festivities this year!

The history of Waitrose Christmas food

Waitrose dates back to 1904 when the first store opened in London’s West End when 90's food and drinks were just starting to become trendier. In those days, there weren't many restaurants nearby, so Waitrose served as a convenient go-to spot for Christmas foods and ingredients. Over the past century, their festive offerings have significantly expanded from traditional classics like Christmas pudding and mince pies to more modern items like vegan dishes and organic produce. In recent years they have even started putting out exclusive holiday-themed products like chocolate ranges inspired by popular 90s food and drinks trends. Today, you can find an array of delicious and creative Waitrose Christmas foods that will make it feel like the holidays in any home!

5 Waitrose Christmas Foods You Need to Know About

Christmas time is here, and Waitrose offers a marvellous selection of delicious festive treats. From succulent roasts to luxurious cakes, the shopping experience at Waitrose is sure to please the most discerning palate. Whether you’re after traditional mince pies, luscious puddings or local cheeses, they have something to delight every eater. Here are five special foods worth noting as you select your Christmas fare: succulent beef wellington, artisan shortbread, seasonal pudding filled with apple and cranberry filling, an indulgent trifle and hearty turkey crowns. Taste these flavours and make your Christmas celebration merry and bright!

What to Expect This Year From The Waitrose Christmas Food menu

Main Meals

Waitrose offers a range of tempting dishes for their Christmas main menu this year. Porchetta, a classic Italian roast, is the show's star – it's a pork leg joint with stuffing and fragrant herbs for a delicious festive feast. Paired with freshly cooked turkey and crispy potatoes, it'll be difficult to resist! Also available from their range of classics are the cranberry salmon steak and honey-glazed beef joint. They all beg to be served up alongside traditional roasted vegetables and gravy. With so many mouth-watering options, you'll find something new to enjoy this Christmas and have an unforgettable festive meal with Beerwulf food with your loved ones.

Vegan and Vegetarian

Waitrose has upped its vegan and vegetarian game this year by bringing out a stunning new range of menu options. They have created delicious fruit cakes as an alternative to traditional Christmas pudding - offering a healthier alternative that is still full of flavour. For those avoiding the traditional meats this Christmas, they offer delectable plant-based recipes that include no pigs in blankets, similar to the M&S Christmas food!

Buffet and Party Food

Waitrose has many buffets and party food to order, so you can choose from a wide variety. These foods may include Indian stacks, chilli prawns, the seafood party pack, pancetta, and salmon blinis.

Desserts and Cakes

With Waitrose, you’ll never run out of dessert options, including their clementine cheesecake, jaffa cake dessert, raspberry panna cotta, golden sponge cake and profiteroles, which are also offered by the Tesco Christmas Food or the Sainsburys Christmas food menu.

Starting Your Waitrose Christmas Food Order

Starting your Waitrose Christmas food order can be a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Waitrose offers their Waitrose home delivery service or picks up for all their goods. With their online shopping, you can have all the ingredients for your holiday celebration delivered directly to your door. Waitrose also has a wide selection of prepared food, so Waitrose entertaining is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. Start your Waitrose Christmas food order soon, so you have plenty of time to make all the delectable dishes your family loves!


When buying your Christmas food online, knowing where to start may take a lot of work. It may be best to browse many online food retailer websites, like the Waitrose online shopping website and others, such as the Master of Malt reviews, before you make your decision.

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