Microwave Shelf: 4 Ideas for Where to Put Your Microwave

You may be forgiven for a poor organization if you have a spacious kitchen, but if you have a small space, every square inch matters because the smallest flaw is pronounced.

It doesn't help that appliances like microwaves and fridges take up a lot of space. They are essentials, and one must find a way to mount them without clogging the kitchen. Find the latest microwaves in UK webshops.

A microwave shelf can help you make the most of limited kitchen space

. Asides from saving space, the shelf can also give your kitchen that desirable flush look. However, microwave shelves are not magic wands — you need careful planning to choose the perfect style for your kitchen.

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First, look at your kitchen and note the fixtures that dominate them. Is it the counter, kitchen island, or cabinet?

This article will explore some popular styles of setting up a microwave shelf for a liberating kitchen experience.

Explore the Pockets of the Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is one of the biggest space-eaters in the kitchen. It is a multipurpose platform that serves several functions. It supports appliances and also plays the role of the dining table when you indulge that insistent midnight craving. However, you can stretch its versatility by fitting your microwave into one of its bottom cabinets. This setup is perfect because the kitchen island is one of the most frequently visited kitchen zones.

The low structure allows adults and children to access it — which is a good thing unless you fear that your kids might get unsupervised access to it. In this case, get a pocket door to conceal it when not in use. Shop for a built-in microwave in stores like Bargain Fox. But read Bargain Fox reviews first to see what customers say about them.

Fill Up Those Wall-Mounted Cabinets

A wall-mounted cabinet is another structure that can serve as a microwave wall shelf. Find an empty unit in the cabinetry and integrate your microwave. The downside of this style is that it reduces access to the microwave. If you have little kids, the upper cabinets may be harder to reach, but if you live alone, this should be perfect. Visit appliance stores like Gearbest to find a small microwave oven for your space.

Tuck Microwave in Empty Counter Cabinet

Tuck your flatbed microwave in any empty cabinet on your counter. Unlike the wall-mounted microwave shelf, this style offers the whole family access to the microwave. The sturdy structure of the counter assuages any microwave weight concerns. You can get a cream microwave that matches the colour of the wood for a lush finish.

Get Creative With a Floating Shelf

All the styles mentioned above depended on already established kitchen structures. This, however, is a standalone structure that can display other items like colourful chinaware, a vase, and even a salt shaker. Bonus points if you display a retro microwave on it.

This style frees up cabinet and counter spaces for other appliances. A floating microwave shelf can be disruptive in that it doesn't fit in flush with the cabinetry, but with some creativity, you can make the shelf your kitchen's centre of attraction. Adhere to weight limitations — especially if it is not a stainless steel microwave shelf. A wooden microwave shelf can not bear the weight of large microwaves.

Final Words

A microwave shelf can change the outlook of your kitchen. It frees up space and gives your kitchen the sleek vibe of modernity. There are variations to the styles (like the microwave corner shelf and the over-range microwave shelf), but the ones listed in this article form the basis for others. Feel free to tweak the styles based on your kitchen demands. Want to set up a microwave shelf unit in your kitchen? Check out stores like Vonhaus that deal in household supplies.

By Mo