Designing a Tropical Garden Oasis in Your Backyard

Designing a tropical oasis in your backyard can create a tranquil atmosphere and a serene place to relax and entertain your guests. However, creating a garden oasis to enjoy all year round requires a clear plan and some elbow grease. This article will help you get a few sparks of creativity when designing your new sanctuary in your garden.

Consider a Pergola or Gazebo

To completely transform your garden with a shelter space, consider building pergolas or a wooden gazebo on a spot that’s in the sun. Pergolas and wooden gazebos are perfect for using your garden space to its full capabilities because you can place outdoor furniture beneath them and chill there on sunny days. Furthermore, adding a few bougainvillaea or vines around the posts adds a pop of colour to the space.

Choose Vibrant Greenery

A tropical oasis is nothing without greenery. Therefore, choose plants that are vibrant and will add colour to your garden space. For example, you can plant different varieties of palm trees, ferns, and banana tree plants to give off a real tropical garden experience.

Layer your Plants

When choosing your plantation layout, make sure to layer them from tall in the back to short in the front. You can do this between large-leaf plants like banana tree plants mixed with shrubs like false cypress inkberry holly or winter creeps along the walkway of your garden.

Choose Vibrant Flower Colours

A true tropical rainforest is known for its vibrant colour arrangements, so choosing a range of vibrant flowers to plant in your garden oasis is essential. You can start with pink begonias, purple hydrangeas, pink coneflowers, and red hibiscus. If you want a pop of yellow, you can incorporate orchids and marigold flowers into your colour scheme. However, be sure to group all similar plants and flowers because they’re easier to maintain since they have the same watering schedule.

Install Solar Outdoor Lighting

Installing a solar outdoor lighting system is a good way to have lighting outside at night while saving energy since it converts sunlight to electrical energy. Furthermore, solar lighting offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting that can take a toll on your electricity costs. Moreover, solar lighting offers an aesthetic appeal from pathway ground lights to fairy lights, you choose between warm and cool lighting depending on the ambience you are trying to achieve. For placement, you can wrap fairy lights around pergola columns or balconies and with ground lights you can place them along walkways or in the shrubs along the garden landscape.

Incorporate a Water Element

If tranquillity is the ultimate goal in your garden, incorporating a water feature will be the perfect touch to the aura of the space. For example, you can construct a built-in water fountain or a stream that flows through the course of the garden and into a pond. In addition, you can opt for a waterfall feature that flows down from a wall and recycles the water.

Design a Birdbath

A birdbath creates a place where all smaller birds can make a pitstop for water. This feature will attract different breeds of birds to help with pest control and pollination while allowing the birds to bathe without predators nearby.

Install a Sprinkler System

Installing a sprinkler system will set a watering frequency and a timer to help keep your plants and grass looking luscious while also allowing you to save time and money on water bills. In addition, this system will help divide your property into multiple irrigation zones and distribute the right amount of water to your grass and other greenery, while helping you reduce water waste as opposed to the water-by-hose method. Furthermore, a sprinkler system will come in handy for water-splashing among many other things to do on a hot day.

Find a spot for Wind Chimes

Wind chimes tend to create a calmer atmosphere in our home and outdoors. This is because the resonance and vibration of the sound can help encourage a healing effect on our minds. In addition, if you don’t want birds near your patio doors, a wind chime can scare them off.


As you follow the tips and steps provided in this article, remember to create a tropical garden oasis that is going to give you a flourishing feeling of calmness and relaxation. Furthermore, be sure to take care of your plants and maintain your landscape while having fun in the garden

By Rafay