Turntable vs. Flatbed Microwaves: Which Is Better?

You would not be wrong if you think of microwaves as democratic gadgets. There is a microwave for every budget, size, kitchen, cooking need, decor, placement (freestanding and built-in microwaves), etc. There are two models in terms of modes of operation: the turntable and flatbed microwaves.

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This article will explore these models and compare their strengths and weaknesses to help you make the perfect decision for your kitchen.

What is a Turntable Microwave?

Turntable microwaves are conventional microwaves. It uses a spinner — the turntables — to rotate the dish to allow the heat to get to every part of the food.

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What is a Flatbed Microwave?

A flatbed microwave is a microwave technology model that distributes heat without turntables. The microwave deploys the use of a rotating antenna embedded at the base to spread microwave energy into the food. So, unlike the turntable models, the dish is fixed and receives heat from different angles.

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But which of these models is better?

Maybe you are wondering: since they all distribute heat, why does it matter how they do it? While the microwave's primary function is heating food, one must consider other factors when choosing the perfect model. These factors include interior capacity, evenness of cooking, budget, availability of spare parts, durability, etc.

Interior/Cooking Capacity

This is a critical factor because cooking capacity is affected by interior setups, and turntables and flatbed microwaves differ in that regard. Turntable microwaves usually have a small cooking capacity because of the moving parts; flatbed microwaves have a freer interior space, hence a bigger capacity. With a bigger capacity, you have the freedom to choose a large-sized dish and cook more at a go.


There is a higher chance of collision and food spills in turntable microwaves because of their spinning rotating tables. If you don't wipe the spills off quickly, they can turn to grime and damage microwave parts. Flatbed microwaves don't have that problem. The generous space and fixed dish setting eliminate that risk and make cleaning easy.

Even Cooking

Though the spinning mechanism of the turntable microwave allows for evenness in cooking, the flatbed microwave's advanced heating style ensures even cooking.


The cost of a microwave depends on plenty of factors like size and extra features. However, flatbed microwaves are generally more expensive, being a new model. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly microwave, set your sights on the turntable model.

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Availability of Spare Parts

Of course, nobody wants to spend on repairs, but say your microwave, unfortunately, develops a fault, would it not be reassuring to know that you can readily get replacements? Flatbed microwaves are new models and have not yet reached the popularity of the traditional turntable model. So it is a little more difficult to find spare parts for flatbed models.

Getting the perfect microwave model is essential to enjoying your cooking experience. On most indices considered, flatbed microwaves appear to be the better option, but the choice is yours. Difficult decision? Read independent customer shopping reviews to help you make a decision.

By Mo