Is Buying A Retro Microwave Worth It?

From the curved edges and pop colours of old microwaves to the sharp edges and dull look of modern microwaves, microwaves have evolved since the 50s.

The speed of advancements in the modern world can be numbing, and sometimes people court the exotic adventure of the old days. Although the microwave is an essential household appliance, the retro version is considered a luxury — a tool that caters to sentimental longings than the utility.

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Is buying a retro microwave worth it? This article will look at the facts of the matter.

Misconceptions About Retro Microwaves

1. Retro Microwaves are not Vintage

Retro microwaves look like the oldest versions of microwaves, but they are not antiques per se. Its appearance is a design, and if you checked the pack, you might find a recent manufacture date. This means that retro microwaves come with modern-day functions but with older-looking controls, so expect to find knobs instead of a button. If you are a collector of antiques and wish to buy a microwave belonging to a great grandmother, head to an auction. If you want a retro microwave model, go to a modern online electronic shop like Bargain Fox. Read Bargain Fox reviews first.

2. Retro Microwaves Are Expensive

People think this because they believe retro microwaves to be antiques — well, they are not. While the price of a retro microwave might vary depending on size, features, and brand, they are not so different from regular modern microwaves. They are even somewhat cheaper generally.

3. Retro Microwaves Only Heat Food

Most misconceptions about retro microwaves are informed by the belief that they are old microwave models. The earliest microwaves had many limitations compared to today's models. They did the singular task of heating food. However, retro microwaves are more versatile and can do more depending on the brand you buy. Although they might not be as efficient as regular models, they still cater to modern kitchen needs. Need a kitchen shelf for your microwave? Check out stores like Vonhaus that deal in household supplies.

Why You Should Get a Retro Microwave

1. Retro Microwaves Are Aesthetic Delights

If you want to light up your kitchen, consider the exotic pop of a retro microwave. You can get retro micro microwaves in exciting colours like red, mint, and pastel green. The only concern is that it might not match the modern kitchen decor. You can find black, cream, or white retro microwave in American local electronic shops.

However, the retro microwave is perfect if you have an old-school-themed kitchen or restaurant.

2. Retro Microwaves Offer Standard Functions

While you might not get all the inventive specs in a regular modern microwave, the retro model comes with some cool features. Whether it's a turntable, a mute button, a digital clock, or a LED display, retro microwaves can handle all the basic household tasks and some more. You can also find a flatbed microwave retro if you look in the right webshops.

3. Retro Microwaves Are Cheap

Due to their reduced functions, retro microwaves are cheaper than traditional microwaves. So, if you are a student or on vacation, you can shop for a small retro microwave.


Retro microwaves are exciting models. They satisfy your nostalgic desires and offer standard functionalities. Given the price and the vibrant effect on the decor, it is safe to say retro microwaves are worth every penny. Shop for popular brands like Swan, Smeg, and Russell Hobbs retro microwaves on Gearbest.

By Mo