A Guide to Choosing the Right Garden Bench Cushion Just for You!

Are you looking for something that fits your bottom during those long stays by your garden? Is the pillow cushion not firm enough? Well, you have come to the right place! Garden bench cushions are both firm and soft, while being thinner so that they fit your bottom very well and give just the right comfort and firmness on a garden bench cushion enjoying the view.

What is a Garden Bench Cushion?

Before going into the options and choices, it is important to elaborate on what is what. Generally, a cushion can be applied to almost any surface from car seats to garden benches. This means that each kind of cushion has different specifications to fit the proper function. This also means that cushions can be for sitting or even for laying on top of, which causes vast differences based on function. For garden cushions this means we are looking at something to sit on, and occasionally something for laying on top of- for the more luxurious of individuals.

Following up with that, there are many styles and options when it comes to buying garden cushions as seen on any review website you can look up. A cuddle cushion will certainly not fit well as a bench cushion, and vice versa will be just as bad. The key details about cushions are as follows:


- Cover: Sets the final feel of the cushion as well as sets the appearance of the cushion.

- Filler: Determines the firmness, softness, and durability of the cushion

- Pad/Insert (optional): It is a pad that you insert it in between the cushion and the cushion cover to fill out the cushion and make it look full.


- Box-shaped

- Triangular

- Round

- Rectangular

- Tubular

As seen there are many styles of cushion and multiple components to make up a good cushion. That means that depending on what function you are looking for, a certain shape may be better than another. If you are interested in different shapes in cushions, perhaps checking out Swoon Editions can give you better ideas and different reviews for cool products to compare.In addition, depending on where the bench cushion is likely to be, waterproof cushions may be the better choice.

What to Look for in Garden Bench Cushions

Sitting at a bench watching the flower and many plants growing in your garden is enjoyable. Some people even enjoy a book whilst in front of their own garden and spend hours sitting on a bench. Here is where the garden bench cushions come into play.

Garden bench cushions should be both waterproof and filled with long lasting material- usually down/feathers or polyester blend (the good kind). After searching on many Moda Furnishings Limited you will find that for certain a good waterproof bench cushion can last a long time depending on some factors:

- Usage (the more they are heavily used the sooner they wear down)

- Sunlight ( direct sun can damage them over time)

- Water (if they are not likely to be exposed to water then waterproof cushions are not needed)

The more expensive cushions will endure much longer, but if you just need cushions for occasionally sitting at your garden bench then going for cheaper options are a wise choosing.If you expect to use garden bench cushions a lot, you might be interested in down/feather filled cushions that are waterproof like the ones you may find on Sofa.com. In addition checking out color options can spice up your garden with different color accents for your cushions, like an orange cushion, for example.

As a reminder, the essential detail that should not be overlooked when searching for the right bench cushion is always its function and something that you will use occasionally should be cheaper than something often used. So, I hope this article helps you out and I wish all the best on your cushion shopping!

By Mo