Best Cuddle Cushions for Any Fit!

Cushions make everyday life much easier for us. They make up everything from sofas seats to the pillows on our beds. Especially for cuddling! The use of cushions for cuddling whether sleeping or just relaxing is alway enjoyable for anyone. In this article we go over the details on what to look for in cuddle cushions.

What Characteristics to Look for in Cuddle Cushions

Cuddle cushions are, by design, easily usable cushions shaped so that anyone can sleep without having their arm fall asleep. Obviously this is for a market of people that know exactly the best ways to sleep at night in a cuddle position!

Looking for the right cuddle cushion can be complicated with the many options that are available, but fret not! A good cuddle cushion is composed of certain characteristics:


The most durable cuddle cushions are made of memory foam and are machine washable. This means they will endure longer, not lose shape as easily and be great for your late night sleeping.

Pro tip:

Other options exist in cushion filler that will cause the durability to decrease, but without a doubt the best choice is memory foam.


Some cuddle cushions are almost rock solid! While other cuddle cushions are soft to the touch. Depending on the density of the filler, whether memory foam or regular polyurethane foam, the firmness can vary.

Shape and adjustability

Depending on the kind of function you look for in your cuddle cushion, the right form, shape, and make of a cuddle cushion is adequate. What follows are some know-hows of the kinds of cuddle cushions to look for in each typical category.

Cuddle Seat Cushions

Cuddle seats come in many forms and shapes. A cuddle seat is somewhere in between an armchair and a sofa. They are more cushion than anything else to be honest! They also are not limited to just one or two cushions and can have multiple cushion options like a lap tray with a cushion.

If you are looking for something for a lounge area-like setting, a more formal and stylish cuddle seat would fit you. A cuddle seat cushion fit for that would be something that is both durable, made of a foam filler and with a soft and durable cover. A good example is a theater cuddle chair which has a leather cover and is very durable and stylish. For more ideas and examples of cuddle seat cushions, check out’s page.

If you are looking for something to replace a chair that is very flexible and adjustable, you might want a cuddle seat cushion that is made of foam and is easily usable and comfortable. The shapes vary from something that looks like a chair to something that is close to a bean bag (without the beans of course). One last thing to point out is that what makes these cushions seats special is the ability to be creative with them and do anything you want.

Teddy Bear Cuddle Cushions

Without confusing these cushions with regular teddy bears, which are arguably just as comfy, teddy bear cushions are extremely plush, soft, and comfortable faux fur cushions that take after the furry feel of a teddy bear. What is special about these cushions is that they are perfect for any place and are very durable. They also come in various color options such as yellow, pink, white, or orange cushions.

Pro tip:

What may differentiate one cushion from the other is the filler, the better the filler, the more durable the cushion will be. Memory foam and down are more expensive but are the best options in filler on the market.

The cushions themselves come in many sizes, being that they are more akin to pillows, they can be used on couches, beds, chairs, or even as seating pads, though for the soft touch and lovely feel of these cushions I would not recommend the latter. You can check out more teddy bear cuddle cushions on Swoon Editions where you will find great product reviews and ideas.

Bed Cuddle Cushions

As mentioned before, bed cushions are essential to people that love sleeping in a cuddle position, or for those that struggle getting a good night’s sleep without having their arm fall asleep.

If you look up various review websites, you will find that the best options in cuddle cushions are shapes that allow you to place your arm in a pillow/cushion that will keep the weight of your head off of your arm. These cushions tend to be made of memory foam, and though they may be quite costly, they improve your sleep dramatically.

Other kinds of cuddle cushions are body pillows that are made specifically for those that like sleeping whilst cuddling with another. These cuddle cushions for adults mimic the feel of sleeping with another person and allow you to cuddle as much as you want. If you are on the fence for cuddle cushions for bed or even body pillows, check out Moda Furnishings Limited for product reviews and great ideas.

A cuddle cushion is more than a simple pillow. It is an extension of a person and a means to relax and even sleep. I hope these tips and details help you find the right cuddle cushion for yourself! Good luck shopping!

By Mo