The Best Choices for Orange Cushions Out There

Orange is the new black! Orange as a color scheme is a huge fashion statement and trend setting choice for any item you can add to your home. One item in particular that looks absolutely amazing in orange is cushions. The various hues and accents of orange allow for much leg room with setting tones and contrasting design choices in your home all through cushions on sofas, chairs, or on beds. You can check out various cushions styles on review websites, but fret not for in this article we go over the best design choices for cushions in orange.

What Makes a Good Cushion?

Now, before we go into the options in orange cushions, it is essential to know what components make up a cushion and what combinations are best. The following list outlines just that:

- Cover: Sets the final feel of the cushion as well as sets the appearance of the cushion.

- Filler: Determines the firmness, softness, and durability of the cushion

- Pad/Insert (optional): It is a pad that you insert it in between the cushion and the cushion cover to fill out the cushion and make it look full

Depending on quality the cushion can be softer and more adjustable, down filler, or more firm and adjustable to your body, memory foam filler. The combination of a down filler with an orange faux teddy bear cushion cover can make an amazing cushion, but the options are almost endless. If you are looking for ideas on good cushion combinations like a orange rectangle cushion with a teddy bear cover try checking out Terry Fabrics UK for great reviews and product ideas.

Types of Orange Cushion Covers and Orange Cushion Applications

Cushions are not limited to just sofas and chairs. Cushions can go almost anywhere and an orange lap tray with a cushion is something very personalized and usable for people that love to eat in bed or have a lap desk. In addition, Outdoor cushions are wonderful and burnt orange cushion covers are a beautiful hue of orange for an outdoor lawn chair or garden bench.

Burnt Orange Cushions

Burnt Orange is a very somber color. These colors are often well used in the autumn months as well in rooms that carry a somber mood. If you really love the autumn colors or have a room that needs cushions for sofas and seats that sets a very somber mood, then burnt orange cushions and even burnt orange lap trays may suit your needs. If you perhaps are looking for more ideas for burnt orange cushions, even those with patterns or designs, give a look at Inside Out Living for great ideas and more.

Velvet Orange Cushions

Velvet itself is a very strong color and we often associate it with red velvet cake, well orange velvet is just as strong and is a strong empowering color that makes a statement. This color is great for sitting rooms, living rooms and even for outside furnishings. If you want to set a colorful or striking tone for your room with cushions in this striking color tone, make sure to check out Moda Furnishings Limited for great reviews and product ideas.

Burnt Orange Velvet Cushions

The mix between velvet and burnt is a somber and striking color both at once. Carrying a high contrasting tone with darker shades invokes a more reddish shade in orange and makes for a great cushion color to go with various other colors. If you are looking for a cushion color that you can mix it up with other patterns in your house, burnt orange velvet can make it or break it for you!

Finding the right orange cushion is always not the easiest. In addition, finding a great pattern for orange in cushions can be overwhelming, but I hope this article can enlighten you on some cushion ideas and what may fit you best.

By Mo