9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Chair

To game for long hours, you need a comfy gaming chair. What makes a perfect gaming chair? What should you check before buying?

Gaming chairs can determine the frequency, duration, and level of enjoyment you get from a game.

Some games can have you running wild on the streets of San Andreas or evading bullets as a soldier on Call of War. But leave that exertion to your playing characters. The grand purpose of gaming is relaxation. You don't want to spend hours playing and end up with a pain in your back. That's not the definition of realistic gaming. When you lose a level, you want to stand (or better, sit up) and challenge again. But this depends on how comfy your gaming chair is.

Gaming Chairs - What are they?

You can play a game seated on just about any surface. You could sit on the floor, on a stool, or on the couch. But for serious gamers, a gaming chair is the real thing. Gaming chairs are special chairs designed to increase comfort and immersion into the gaming experience. To enhance your gaming mood, you can get a LED gaming chair.

What are the best gaming chairs in the UK, and who should you buy from? You can access reviews of online shops, delivery service providers, and everything about UK commerce on ReviewsBird. This article will look at 9 things to consider before buying a gaming chair.

  • Size

    Often, gaming chairs are big pieces of furniture. While it might be tempting to get yourself a gaming throne to assert your kingship in front of the screen, you should consider the size of your living room. How much space are you willing to commit to your game? Unless you intend to make a statement with your chair, it is best to choose a chair that offers comfort while occupying minimal space.

Some chairs also come with weight and height requirements, so you must ensure it is perfectly suited for you. It is especially important to check these specifications because they're mostly available upon delivery, and it might be too late to return them after it has been set up in your space.

You can access reviews about homeware webshops to find out what webshops in the UK permit returns.

  • Back Support

    For serious gamers, comfort is the first commandment. Since you will spend hours in front of your screen, it is important to have the correct sitting posture. Besides helping you maintain a good posture, a gaming chair will also offer you comfort and ultimately improve your gameplay and duration. As previously stated, gaming should be a relaxing experience.

Playing on a gaming chair without adequate back support will leave you with issues ranging from long-term back and shoulder pain to constricted digestive tract from slouching for long periods.

You might also end up with spinal problems in the long run. The best gaming chairs offer all-around back support. There are a couple of features to look out for if you are looking for a chair with the best back support:

  • A chair with an inbuilt lumbar back support will help keep back straight (taking note of spinal curvature) and prevent your neck, shoulder, and back from strain.

Chairs with this functionality often cost more than regular gaming chairs. You can buy lumbar support and attach it to your chair if this is beyond your budget.

  • A headrest will offer additional support to your back by keeping your neck and head at rest. This will ensure that your posture is correct from the top and improve the gaming experience.

  • Adjustability

    What's a good game without friends? You might have friends over who also want to have a crack at the consoles. If the height of your chair isn't adjustable, your friend might not enjoy gaming.

A good gaming chair should be able to accommodate varying sizes. Depending on your choice, you should be able to adjust the seat higher or lower and farther or nearer to the screen.

Asides from this, the adjustment controls of your chair should also be easy to turn and manipulate with minimum interruption to gameplay. You should be able to adjust the height and backrest and swivel the chair while sitting with little effort.

  • Price

    Gaming chairs can be quite pricey, especially with additional features like a surround system, even though there are online stores where you can get gaming chairs cheap.

Depending on your budget and your desired specifications, getting a good gaming chair can leave a dent in your wallet. But if gaming is your thing, you need not worry too much, as you would also leave a dent on the chair after hours of comfortable gaming. So, it is a good investment even though the initial price is high. However, you could cost by attaching a backrest to your chair instead of buying a chair with an inbuilt backrest. You could also go for a versatile chair that you can use for gaming and work purposes.

Bear in mind that quality is often a function of price. You can shop for gaming chairs cheap, but first, visit ReviewsBird to access online shopping website reviews to help you select a trusted brand.

  • Chair Casing

    Although it may seem inconsequential, the casing is also important when considering a Playstation gaming chair. The most common upholstery is leather and fabric. In terms of durability, leather chairs win the cake, and they are also the best option if you intend to snack on your chair.

Since you'd spend hours gaming, you might likely want to grab a quick bite in the middle of intense gaming. Leather seats are less likely to stain when you spill food on them. Fabrics, on the other hand, are the opposite. They stain easily. Despite their durability, leather chairs tend to scratch with time.

Leather chairs also do not breathe well and can cause the gamer to sweat. Gaming requires a firm grip on the consoles, and moist hands can make that difficult. Fabric chairs breathe better and are less likely to become sticky.

However, if you spill juice on them, you'd need to dry it lest it becomes smelly. If you are one for loud colors, fabric chairs might be the best bet as they come in more colors than leather.

  • Color

    Color preference is personal, and gaming chairs often come in various colors. Gaming chairs are standout furniture, so you might want to go for a color that blends nicely with your interior decor. Of course, an eye-catching gaming seat doesn't necessarily indicate its quality, but it might enliven your living space.

For added zing, you could also customize the chair in the colors of your favorite game characters. When in doubt, though, you can shop for a white gaming chair.

  • Extra Features

    Gaming chairs with speakers, vibration, and storage containers for your snack up the price of a gaming chair. However, these features allow gamers to be fully immersed in the gameplay, and the multi-functionality reduces distraction.

Not all of these extra features are critical, though, even though some can be quite comforting. A massage gaming chair for instance, is designed for maximum comfort to your body. You could also get a gaming chair with a footrest. For such kind of chair, an extra couple of bucks wouldn't be too bad, would it? You have to consider your budget. If it's within your range, then why not?

  • Compatibility with Screen

    Is your chair compatible with the screen? The perfect Xbox gaming chair is a simple, ergonomic chair. You could sit at a considerable distance from the screen and still play comfortably.

Computer Gaming Chairs

Playing games on a PC, however, requires closer monitoring. So the best choice would be a chair that supports the PC and allows you to get close to the action without causing strain to your eyes and back. Or you could consider getting a gaming desk to go with the chair if you use a PC. You can shop for gaming desks online and get right into business.

  • Wheel and Swivel

    Who doesn't like a chair with wheels? It would help get Xbox gaming chairs with good wheels for long, uninterrupted gaming. That way, you can wheel yourself to the fridge to grab a glass of milk or handle other necessities without having to step out of the strap.

Getting off the chair to take every little thing would reduce your gaming experience. Also, it would help if you had a chair that swivels 360°. Like the wheels, this feature will offer you some form of mobility and also allow you to whirl in delight when you finally cross that difficult level of your favorite game. You can also get a gaming chair mat to cushion the floorboards against the wheels.


Whichever gaming chair you get, comfort should be the watchword. Get yourself a gaming chair with a footrest, sink into the dense foam, and enjoy a gaming experience.

By Mo