Led Gaming Chairs: 5 Great Picks for You

LED may not be the number one specification gamers look for in a gaming chair, but a LED gaming chair can add ambiance to your space.

Some gaming chairs come with LEDs for maximum game enjoyment, and this article will look at some of the best of those chairs in the market. Find shopping customer reviews here.

Although most gaming chairs share similar attributes, let us briefly look at factors you should consider before choosing a LED gaming chair.

  • Power

    Some gaming chairs come with battery-powered lights; others are rechargeable, and you would have to connect them to a power source as you play your game. If you are going to stay near a power source as you play, then fine. Otherwise, a battery-powered light would offer more mobility.

  • Versatility

    Do you plan on using the gaming chair for, say, office purposes? Then, get a chair with such multipurpose enabled? You can program the LED lights to change depending on what you are doing.

  • Ease of assembly

    Some LED lights come separate from chairs and require assemblage. Are you a DIY person? If yes, go for that. Some outlets might offer after-sale services. Find homeware and household retailer reviews here.

Now let's jump right into the colors. Here are our best picks.

1. The OSP Rogue High Back LED Gaming Chair

The OSP Rogue LED Gaming Chair offers fantastic lumbar support like most top gaming chairs. It boasts a long-lasting LED light (up to two-and-half hours when fully charged) and a variety of color options to choose from.

You can switch these colors depending on the mood you want to create. Also, the LED lights are battery-powered, giving you extra mobility. You'll be grateful for this feature if you game on multiple screens.

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2. UOMAX Gaming Chair

LED lights or not, gaming chairs must be comfortable, and the UOMAX makes a good effort at that. The upholstery is made of breathable mesh fabric that will keep you dry through extended periods of gaming. Unlike the OSP Rogue, you have to charge by plugging in a USB cord to your computer. The charging is fast, and the lights are bright enough to illuminate a dark room.

Even though charging is via a cord, you can still enjoy mobility, especially when charged fully. The UOMAX has a 360° swivel, bending up to 135 degrees. You also do not worry about assembly — it's pretty easy to set up.

3. Vertagear RGB LED Kit

If you like to pimp your throne, the Vertagear is the chair to go for. Vertagear is a household name in the gaming niche, and for a good reason. Unlike the others, the kit is sold separately from the chair, so you would have to channel your inner engineer.

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Although the kit offers an abundance of color combination presets, you can easily do your color mix. The Vertagear takes immersion differently, and it is one of the gaming chairs with LED lights and speakers.

You can synchronize the game's soundtrack to the LED lights and lose yourself in the game. The kit also has multipurpose charging options. You can choose to charge via USB or use the four lithium batteries.

Do you want your light from the headrest or footrest? Depending on what lighting angle you prefer, you can fix the LED lights to suit your taste.

The Vertagear ticks nearly every box, but the downside is that the LED kit doesn't work for all Vertagear models. It is, however, compatible with the SL 5000 and PL Racing Series.

4. Turismo RGB Gaming Chair

The Turismo RGB Gaming Chair is excellent even without the LED lights. It is a high back racing-style chair that works well for gamers of any height. Its memory-foam cushions the hip, especially when you are going to play for long hours, and you could also recline it at 180° and enjoy a nap under colorful light.

The LED lights are lined around the edges of the chair. When it's off, the opaque casing of the light covers it giving the chair a neat appearance.

5. Drakon RGB Lighted Gaming Chair

Compared to the others, the LED on this chair is limited. But it's in a stellar company, which says a lot about its worth. For more ease, the Drakon's chair comes with a remote control to help you control its operation. In terms of other comfort specs — adjustability and cushion — the Drakon's chair are great.


Many things come into play when we talk about the immersive game experience, and LED is one. Lighting sets the mood for better gaming, and it's especially cooler when that light is coming from your chair. The chairs listed above are the best picks in the market. If you're playing on a PC, you can also invest in a LED gaming desk for all-round entertainment. We hope that you find this article helpful.

By Mo