Cheap Gaming Chairs for a Comfy Gaming Experience

Some gaming chairs run into thousands of dollars — but don't worry. You can get a great gaming chair in the UK without breaking the bank.

While cheap gaming chairs might not offer all the niceties that expensive gaming chairs do, they are still way better than playing for long hours on a mat or couch. After all, gaming chairs are specially designed with gamers in mind. The chairs listed in this article offer above-average comfort and support and cost little. Especially compared to the cost of visiting a clinic with back pain.

The list is tailored to cover the best gaming chairs under $100 (some may cross that line a teeny-weeny bit) to as low as $50. You can shop online for these stores. Find UK webshop reviews here to help you make your choice.

Cheap Gaming Chairs

  • The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair
    Design-wise, the Devoko looks like a proper, high-end gaming chair, and that's a plus in terms of aesthetics. For around $99, this chair is super-sturdy and can support your weight for long periods.

But this sturdiness makes the seat feel less paddy. However, it excels on other ergonomic fronts — such as the adjustability of the lumbar and neck supports. You can buy other accessories on Technextday. But first, check out reviews on Technextday before making your purchase.

  • The AuAg
    This is another proper candidate for the best gaming chair under $100, and like other top-quality office gaming chairs, you can get twice its value because it doubles as an office chair, especially if it is a black or white gaming chair. Many fantastic features make the AuAg such a great buy.

First, it has awesome flexibility and can allow a recline of 170° — which is nearly as good as a bed. The chair also accommodates heavy gamers weighing up to 300 lbs. It also has a mesh back casing which is awesome because it is breathable. Cases with good airflow make your sweaty engagements on a console less discomforting.

Another good thing is that it is easy to assemble — no engineering license is needed. What's more? It has a 1-year warranty, so you are pretty much covered. Some outlets might offer other after-sale services. Find homeware shop experiences here.

  • GTRanger
    GTRanger has all the makings of an expensive gaming chair — high back for full neck and lumbar support. It is also quite adjustable. You can adjust the height, back support, and even the armrest to suit your taste.

Add that to the 360° swivel, the wheels, and the PU leather that gives a luxurious look; you have a bargain for a low price like $100. If you are going to be playing on a PC, you can also shop online for a gaming desk cheap.

  • BestOffice
    Like the AuAg, it is a versatile gaming chair that you can use in your workplace. But that's not even the best thing about it. The chair is well-padded and comes with a vibrating lumbar massage for back pain. For a chair costing under $100, you will agree that that is a steal. In terms of upholstery, it is covered in PU leather and mesh. PU leather looks lush on the eyes and is easy to clean if you happen to spill food on them.

The mesh addition improves the ventilation of the chair and improves the airflow around your back. It is a little less on the weight capacity than the AuAg, accommodating around 250 lbs.

  • Onivia Reclining Seat
    Is your budget smaller than $100? Well, we have you covered too. The Onivia Reclining Seat is the cheapest on the list and the best seat under $50. While its stadium-seat design is very different from the conventional gaming chair, it is also ergonomic.

It is well-padded and has a unique six-level backrest recline and a comfortable armrest. This sets it apart from other portable gaming chairs. The chair also comes in a wide range of colors, so you can select the color that best fits your room's decor.

It is a multipurpose chair that you can fold up like a backpack and take to your friend's house for a thrilling Saturday game night. You can find thrilling games on Lost Universe. Read user reviews of Lost Universe here.


Cheap gaming chairs might not come with all of the extra techs that you may find on expensive chairs. You can even get gaming chairs for under $20. But the gaming chairs listed in this article can offer similar levels of comfort with smaller budgets. We hope that you find this article helpful.

By Mo