Good Quality White Gaming Chairs That You’ll Love

Why buy white gaming chairs, some might ask. Well, gaming chairs can serve as utility tools and also decorative fixtures.

Why should you buy a white gaming chair?

While a white gaming chair can fit in any interior décor, a blue or pink gaming chair would come off as flashy. If you are a fan of minimalism, a white gaming chair will give your space a breath of fresh air.

The market is saturated with black gaming chairs. So, a white gaming chair will make you stand out amongst fellow gamers and peers — and who knows, this confidence might give you an edge over them when you engage in a fierce multiplayer battle on game nights.

Good quality white gaming chairs are difficult to find, but we have scoured the market to find the best. Find reviews about homeware retailers here. This article will detail 5 of the best gaming chairs available in the market — and we are confident that you’ll love them!

  • AKRacing Masters Series Arctica
    We do not judge a book by its cover, but with AKRacing Masters Series Arctica, you can do so. It’s a white gaming seat masterfully crafted for racing enthusiasts. (Looking for the best racing games? You can find them on Lost Universe. Read user reviews of Lost Universe here).

The chair is designed with side panels to keep you compact yet comfortable. The foam is dense and covered in soft PU leather. This super-soft padding will keep you in the racing seat for long hours. This chair also features four-dimensional armrests that can allow you the freedom to move your hands in just about any direction.

One of its unique characteristics is its flexibility. You can adjust it to 180° and enjoy a nap when off the wheels. It also has adjustable neck and lumbar support. However, the chair is not a complete splash of white as it has a touch of black and red.

The seat accommodates sizes up to 6’5” and over 300 lbs. You can add LED lights to the seat to enhance the gaming experience. You can shop for accessories on Technextday. But first, check out reviews on Technextday before making your purchase.

  • Musso Gaming Chair White
    The Musso is one of the best in the market. It is not entirely white; the seat is accentuated by black patterns and a white panther face. Compared to the AKRacing Masters Series Arctica, one of the biggest wins of the Musso Gaming Chair is its large seat. This can accommodate bigger gamers up to 400 lbs.

It is also made of PU leather; it is soft to the touch and boasts ten-year durability. Another great feature of this chair is the ease of assembly. You can have the chair set up in your gaming space in minutes.

It is also flexible — although you can only bend it up to 160°, the armrests can only be adjusted vertically. While it’s worth the money, the chair has a one-year warranty. Browse UK shopping reviews to find manufacturers with the most generous warranties.

  • Vertagear S-Line 2000
    The Vertagear has a sleek design and differs slightly from the others in some of its features. Unlike the chairs mentioned earlier, whose fabrics are purely made of PU leather, this chair combines leather and PVC fabric.

Also, the seat is stiffer to the touch, although it offers a good degree of comfort. The seats are padded with high-density foam, and the chair's interior has a steel skeletal frame. Although the Vertagear is a low-rise gaming chair, it has side panels that will give you an air of security.

The Vertagear also affords you some level of adjustability, so you can adjust lots of its features like armrests and headrests and bend it back up to an angle of 140°. While that may not offer the level of comfort that the AKRacing does, you can also tilt it to an 80° forward. While the durability is not a five-star, you will get great value for your money in the short term and enjoy a 10-year warranty.

  • Merax Gaming Chair
    The Merax gaming chair is attractive. It has been designed similar to most of the other chairs — high-back, side panels, and all. But its base is peculiar. The chair comes with a fold-up footrest that looks more like a movie theater couch than a typical gaming chair.

As for upholstery, the chair is covered with fabric. This is a plus, as fabric chairs are breathable and less sticky. The downside is that fabric chairs are not durable and are difficult to clean. The Merax has a movable footrest; you can also adjust the neck and lumbar rests and bend the chair up to 135° and swivel it 360°.

But the inclusion of cup holders makes the Merax a chair that doubles as a companion. If you intend to play on a PC, this is not the chair for you. But you could shop online for a gaming desk in different colours.

  • Dowinx
    The Dowinx is an ergonomic chair that has lots of interesting functions. It has a linkage armrest and leather upholstery. It particularly excels in its mobility. You can swivel the seat smoothly through 360°, and it has wheels fitted that will allow you to grab a snack from the fridge without having to break the momentum of gaming by standing.

It is also very adjustable. You can adjust height; bend up to 180° in case you wish to catch some snooze.

Anchor All White Gaming Chair
Special mention to Anchor All White Gaming Chair. It is, as its name suggests. Unlike the others that are essentially black and white, this chair’s unique feature is its all-white color. The seat can hold up to 300 lbs of weight to accommodate the majority of gamers.


Whether it is a white and black or a led gaming chair, gaming chairs would prove to be an important addition to the aesthetics of your living room. We hope that this helps your search for the best quality white gaming chair.

By Mo