Christmas Decorations For 2022

With Christmas approaching, thoughts of hauling out the decorations begin. Setting the house up for Christmas can be daunting, but reviews will support you in creating a breathtaking Christmas.

Buying online can help you save time and be more convenient. By using online shopping reviews for online furniture stores and other stores, you can ensure you get the exact Christmas feel you are after.

Top 3 Christmas Themes

Before you decide on individual decorations, you should decide on your Christmas theme. This includes the tone and colour scheme for all the decorations. Three themes are likely to trend in 2022.

Naturally Stated Christmas Theme

This theme is focussed on nature, so you are looking at soft pinks and greens. These colours are offset against metallic golds and silvers. An elegant and eco-friendly theme that can be enhanced with plants, wooden or paper decor, and fairy lights.

Jewelled Tones Christmas Theme

Bright jewelled tones, in particular a royal blue aligned with metallic gold, is the next theme likely to trend in 2022. This bright and bold theme can be enhanced with coloured glass bottles and baubles.

Nostalgic Throwback Christmas Theme

A return to the more traditional Christmas theme of cherry red and green, with candy canes, Santa ceramics, and knitted gonks. This theme will revive your distant memories of Christmas past.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Now that you have your theme decided upon, you can look at the Christmas tree options. You can choose to go pick your own live tree, purchase a reusable one, or even think out of the box and create a Christmas tree with a twist.

If you are looking at getting a live tree, remember to get a jolly Christmas mat to go under it to catch the needles that fall off and make cleaning up a little easier. A reusable tree is another option and comes in a variety of sizes to match your living space. A flocked tree or snow-covered reusable tree is popular this year.

If you want to go off-script, you can use another plant or a tree frame to decorate as your tree. There are many ideas for a creative and non-traditional take on a Christmas tree that can be incorporated into your Xmas decorations.

Next comes trimming the tree that you have chosen. You would be using Christmas tree decorations that match your theme. Perhaps some jewelled glass baubles, a cute fluffy owl, a paper chain or garland, or a fabric angel.

If you are crafty, you can even DIY some of your tree’s decorations, ensuring you get the exact look you are after. On the other hand, the vintage feel is becoming popular, so sorting through your old decorations might just uncover a few gems that will be highlight pieces in 2022!

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

There is a big movement towards eco-friendly products and living. Christmas this year is no different. Moving away from one-use crackers and decorations towards sustainable and reusable ones is the true theme for 2022. You can create your Christmas theme with this sustainability in mind.

Perhaps you can begin with the advent calendar. Counting down the days with each window is a fun and traditional ritual. However, having a reusable advent calendar that you can simply fill each year allows you to have fun and help the environment. In fact, it can also be a great family bonding craft if you come together to make them together.

Laser-cut decorations with lights are another great choice. They can be left in a neutral wooden colour or painted to match the theme of your choice. These laser-cut decorations could be small tree hangings to larger mantle piece designs. They add an elegant and festive look to your decorating.

Christmas crackers created with fabric can be made or purchased. In addition, the items inside your crackers can be plastic free. Creating your own crackers in a traditional manner or using a little glass jar or wineglass decorated to hold the contents that would go into a cracker are good options to remain eco-friendly.

Thinking of items to put into your crackers will further help you create a sustainable Christmas cracker. Small items such as a bar of soap, a candle, lip balm, chocolate, etc., are great substitutes for plastic gimmicks that are simply thrown away the day after.

A wreath is another beautiful and eco-friendly option. Using plants of your choice, fabrics, or a combination, you can make or buy wreaths that will complement your theme. These wreaths are great for the environment and great for aesthetically pleasing decorations.

Season’s Greetings

Using John Lewis Christmas sales, Shedstore, White Stores garden furniture, and Rinkit reviews, you are on your way to getting the best Christmas decorations UK based. Once you have set up your decorations, you can turn your attention to Christmas food ideas and gift ideas like a Christmas jumper.

Planning your Christmas shopping and keeping an eye out for that Christmas sale will help in keeping your beautiful Christmas within budget.

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