Christmas 2022: Here's what you need to know

A gentle sprinkling of snow, a snowman wearing a scarf outside the window, and a mug of hot chocolate set the scene for you to begin to think about Christmas 2022. The exciting memories to be made, the food to indulge in, and the people to be with are all important aspects of the day. reviews will help you to ensure that your Christmas is one to remember.

Gathering up your decorations, gifts, and food ideas can be streamlined by using online shopping reviews. Then when you have made your decisions, just ‘add to cart’, and you can begin your Christmas season in style!

Christmas Decorations

Having a beautiful set of Christmas decorations can bring the feeling of Christmas into your home. You can choose a theme and colour palette that suits your style and home environment. You could go muted and natural, or jewelled and bright, or even traditional red and green. Decide on the colour scheme and theme that excites you - that speaks to your style. Then, let this style be expressed in your chosen decorations.

Finding the right tree and trimmings will come next. Flocked trees are trending this year, so you can grab a Flocked tree to highlight your decorations. Or try something completely different: you could use a laser-cut tree or bonsai instead! Making the Christmas season your own is what 2022 is all about.

2022 is also all about being eco-friendly, from eco-friendly crackers made from recyclable paper or fabric and filled with non-plastic items to reusable advent calendars to count down the days until Christmas. These are all ways to have sustainable Christmas decorations UK style.

A great way to do your advent calendar is to buy or make one from wood or fabric. Then, you are able to use it each year and simply add new treats to the drawers or pockets. Or use the ever lovable Elf on the Shelf as your advent calendar and incorporate his antics into your countdown.

There are many options for your decorating dreams, and the sky is the limit. Using plants, coloured glass bottles, family decorations, ceramics, and baubles, you will have a stunning Christmas home.

You could add a Christmas Eve box under your tree for a fun activity for everyone. A Christmas Eve box could contain some snacks, a Christmas book or movie, a family game, some fluffy Christmas socks, or a Christmas jumper. Whatever you decide to include in your box, it is sure to bring joy to those who open it. You could decide to keep these boxes secret until Christmas Eve or have them as part of your Christmas decorations the whole month through!

Christmas Jumper

Part of the Christmas spirit can be felt when you pull on your Christmas jumper. So whether it is for Christmas Jumper Day on the 8th of December to raise funds for the charity, Save The Children, to watch Christmas movies with hot chocolate, or on a crisp Christmas morning, your jumper will be a part of the festivities.

A great option for Christmas gifts, a jumper should go on the list for any Christmas shop. However, if you are still looking for the right jumper for you, there is always an option to make your own using a sweatshirt of your choice and different accessories like sequins, felt images, pompoms, etc.

You could choose to go traditional with a soft-knitted jumper featuring reindeer or Christmas trees or a more modern approach that showcases understated snowflakes or penguins. Your jumper has achieved its goal as long as you are comfortable and confident.

You don’t need to choose only one jumper. In fact, you could choose to have one for each week of the festive season - or dare you think it - each day… However, the festive and comforting feeling of a Christmas jumper to stay at home or pair a stylish one with boots to strut your stuff down the street is a must. So find or make the Christmas jumper that shouts your style and attitude this Christmas.

Christmas Food

Christmas is not complete without an array of mouthwatering foods and drinks. A traditional eggnog or adding a modern twist and flavour it with caramel can set the mood for relaxation and enjoyment. The scents wafting from the kitchen, whether at home or at a restaurant, build the atmosphere for the camaraderie synonymous with Christmas.

The choice of Christmas food on your menu is up to you. You can begin with the decision to go traditional or modern. This will help you focus on different dish choices. Then, look at your budget, time, and the number of guests to help you decide on the best range of food. Remembering dietary requirements and preferences might make catering a little more challenging, but it will be worth it as it makes everyone feel thought of and special.

You might decide on a traditional meal starting with a prawn cocktail or baked brie, followed by glazed turkey with roast potatoes, different vegetables, and gravy. Ending with a warm Christmas pudding or mince pie.

You might decide to go vegetarian with a cheese puff, for starters, a vegetarian roast with vegetables in phyllo pastry. Followed by a Panetonne with custard to end off a delicious meal. This is a healthy meal that allows for decadence and enjoyment without adding meatier elements.

Another option is, to begin with, a dip and some cheese and bacon straws, moving on to a pork belly roast or spicy prawn curry with rice. Changing up the traditional roast potatoes for a creamy potato gratin or cheesy Hasselback potatoes could be a fun addition to this table. Finally, ending your meal with a sweet, light meringue in an Eaton mess with luxurious whipped cream and seasonal fruit will fill any belly with joy.

Christmas is not complete without snacks - in fact, these are vital elements of the festive season. So haul out the air fryer and pop in some sausage rolls, spring rolls, potato chips, and mini cheese grillers to have a platter of finger food ready for any party. Combined with a fruit and cheese board, crackers, and dips and your party food is prepared to go.

Season’s Greetings

The Christmas season can seem overwhelming with getting the right Christmas gifts, making sure you have the best decorations, and having a delectable meal that will leave an impact on everyone at the table. Take a deep breath. You can do this.

Use furniture brands reviews to help you kit out your home for the masses coming to visit, look at thea John Lewis Christmas for all your needs, or simply go out and have someone else worry about the catering. Whichever way you decide to celebrate Christmas is the right move for you. Also, look for ways to save, like the Ultamodan discount code or comparing prices of that pair of Christmas shoes with boots reviews.

The Christmas season offers you the opportunity to make new memories with friends and family, experience new things, and reflect on the year that has passed. May your Christmas be merry and bright.

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