The Best Christmas Food Ideas 2022

Christmas approaches, and thoughts of delectable foods cross your mind. What to make for the various occasions you will see family and friends over the festive season? will be able to provide you with home food and drink reviews if you are ready to whip up a feast. If you prefer going out, you can peruse the restaurant reviews instead.

Either way, you will find some great ideas to make the sustenance at your Christmas functions a crowd-pleaser. Planning for a function, whether it is an intimate gathering of friends or family, a large party, a full family get-together, or a quick Christmas snack, you can do it with your tastebuds in mind.

Traditional Christmas Food

Just like the trend for vintage Christmas decorations this year, a traditional Christmas meal seems to be on the menu for many households. Whether this is a home-cooked meal, fine dining at a restaurant, or a Morrisons’ food to order meal, turkey and potatoes will be tasted.

Starting off with some traditional snacks, you can’t go wrong with cheese straws, sausage rolls, or a variety of puff pastries. There is no reason not to use a modern twist when cooking these traditional snacks and to use your air fryer. For a sweet snack, you can turn to the festive mince pies found in the Tesco Christmas food aisle.

Moving onto appetizers, the two traditional favourites are a tangy prawn cocktail and a baked brie. Both options offer your guests a different experience to get their palettes ready for the meal ahead. Remember to keep your appetizers small in quantity so that there is room for the rest of the meal.

A traditional main course includes a range of turkey, gammon, stuffing, roast potatoes, roast vegetables, and gravy. Mixing up the flavours with cranberries, spices, and herbs will bring a twist to the traditional dishes and keep your guests guessing at what the next bite will entail.

Wrapping up the culinary experience with a Christmas pudding dessert leaves your home with full and satisfied tummies. Remember that many of the puddings and cakes include alcohol. However, there are options without alcohol. Just read those ingredients carefully.

Later in the day, there will be room for second helpings or a delicious slice of marzipan-covered Christmas fruit cake with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. This is just the right way to end off a Christmas day.

Non-Traditional Christmas Food

However, you may wish to go less traditional in your menu and instead embrace a modern take on the Christmas meal. This allows you to incorporate new flavours, colours, and textures to create the meal of your dreams. You could cook these delicious dishes or look for modern Christmas food to order. The modern Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and having a good time. Choose the cooking method that will allow you to do this.

For snacks, you could borrow from the traditional as sausage rolls never go out of fashion. But mix it up with some cheese straws or a cheese board with crackers. If you are looking at platters, you can explore Morrisions’ party food. Another option is a simple and winning combination of crisps, nuts, and dips.

Modern appetizers could be a cranberry goat cheese ball, mixing the sweet and savoury flavours to awaken the tastebuds. Or a phyllo pastry casing with cream cheese filling and green and red peppers chopped into it to give a Christmas colour scheme. These options are bound to whet the appetite and look great as well.

Your main course might be a range of roasts, including a vegetarian roast! There could be a rich soup or curry to stave off the chill. You may want to spice up your potatoes in a creamy gratin instead of roasting them. Having a range of side dishes that cater to vegetarians and meat eaters will ensure that everyone has something to enjoy. Phyllo pastry bakes with a range of seasonal vegetables are always a winner.

A lighter dessert option could be a pavlova or Eaton mess. Light and crispy meringue with whipped cream and seasonal fruit is a tantalising way to end the meal. You could also go with a Panetonne and custard if you want a warm dessert.

Season’s Greetings

Get dressed in your favourite Christmas jumper and decide on your menu for Christmas day - remember, all leftovers will make great sandwiches and meals for Boxing day to save you from cooking again!

Checking out outlets like The Sausage Man or Microbarbox to see where you can get the items you need to make Christmas day one that will be remembered for its culinary expertise and various flavours. So enjoy your Christmas catering adventure and make many new memories!

By Rea