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Major gas companies in UK energy sector

Major gas companies in UK energy sector

Gas is employed as a feedstock due to its chemical properties or because it can cheaply and rapidly heat to very high temperatures. The role of Cadent and other energy service companies is to move gas through their pipelines to our property. Cadent doesn't sell gas. Only suppliers licensed by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) can sell gas in the UK.

Characteristics of Gas Suppliers:
The growth of the United Kingdom’s gas market and its regional integration within the north-western European gas companies over the course of more than a century is a gas market integration success story.

There are currently four of these pipelines, which run from the European continent to the British mainland:

There are numerous companies that are reviewed on ReviewsBird including reviews about heatable.

Major Gas Suppliers in the UK
The six greatest energy companies in the UK are frequently mentioned as the “Big Six”. The major ones are explained below: