Unconventional ways to reduce your energy bills

These days, most of us will want to reduce our energy bills. We want to be more careful about what we're using, and do what we can to help. This could be for financial reasons, as we don't want to pay for what we don't need. But it can also be for environmental reasons.

Here are some rather unconventional ways to save on your energy bills.

Use a snow as a fridge

This one is only going to work if you live somewhere that snows a lot. So I'm afraid for all of my Californian friends, this one isn't for you. But snow, believe it or not, is known for being cold. And because of this property, it has the ability to make other things cold. If you have some beers, and not a lot of room in the fridge, instead of getting a small fridge just for the beers, why not just pop the beer into the snow?

Wash up in the tub

Water is something that uses up a lot of energy to heat. Do you really want to heat up water two times a day when you can just do it once? Well, after your bath or shower, try keeping the water. Bring all of your pots, pans and plates into the bathroom, and use the leftover water from your shower to wash them up! Just make sure to use enough washing up liquid and be sure to get every piece of dirt and grime off of them.

Probably best to avoid this one if you don't live alone.

Cold Showers

Most of us will enjoy having a hot shower. But actually, turning the hot off and just sticking will cold can save you a lot on your energy bill. And plus, because it's not very nice, you'll be spending less time in there in the first place. Reducing your bills even further.

Not only is it good for your bills, but it's also good for your body. Studies suggest that it can even give you more energy, help improve your focus, and even help with your immune system.

So a bigger bank account, and a bigger brain? Sounds good to me!

Batch Cooking

This next one is actually something I do myself. Batch cooking. By batch cooking your meals (and putting them in the freezer) you can reduce your energy bills, as your oven won't be turned on every night. It has other benefits too. For example, instead of needing to cook a meal everyday, you can instead just have your food all ready for you, only needing to be put into the microwave. So, not only do you need to cook less often, but you can also save money whilst doing it. This is great for people who often eat ready meals to due limited time.

Exercising first thing

This next one might strike you as a little bit weird. But trust me, it works. The first thing you should do every morning is exercise. This could be going for a run around the block, or going to the gym. Exercising in the morning will mean that the blood is flowing around your body all day. And that can reduce the amount of heat that you will need to be able to keep yourself warm. It can also improve your focus, and enable you to live a healthier lifestyle.