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Factors affecting green stock purchase

Factors affecting green stock purchase

What is green energy?
The energy coming from innate origins, like water, sun, and wind. Electricity can be used by putting this power to use that comes from these sources. Energy service companies hold great importance in modern life.

Green energy stock:
Changing to a green energy supplier has never been the easiest, as in the UK there are many choices than ever that provide 100% green electricity. Most of the Big Six energy companies – British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE offer this already.

The best green supplier at this moment in the UK is Bulb that provides 100% green electricity and 10% green gas. Bulb meets the cheapest end of the UK energy market. Apart from Bulb, Octopus Energy is also setting its turn high in the UK energy market. Customer satisfaction rated at 5 stars which is a big turn up for Octopus energy.

Factors affecting Green Purchase:
Buying power affects every aspect of economics that green energy service companies can see. A few of them are as follow:

Market share of green stock:
As environmental issues are at their highest peak, Green business is rapidly growing in the UK and is becoming a significant industry. In the past years, the green business has appreciated impressive growth, with rising figures between 2009 and 2012.

​​​​​Trade body Renewable UK estimates the industry directly employs 18,000 full-time staff – a 74 percent increase from 2010. With more than £29 billion of investment planned for the sector, green businesses look set to help power the UK economy.

The three green energy companies on the top of the UK stock market are as follows: