What Are The Best Black Friday TV Deals In 2022?

Black Friday this year may offer you the best TV deal for you. But ensuring you get this deal usually comes down to being prepared and ready. ReviewsBird.co.uk is here to help make sure you have all the electronics knowledge you need to grab the in-store or online shopping deal of your dreams.

Black Friday weekend starts on the 25th of November and ends on Cyber Monday, the 28th of November. Although there will be many Black Friday TV deals for you to peruse, help narrow these choices by knowing what type of TV you are looking for.

What To Consider?

There are a few basic considerations that you should keep in mind when buying a new TV.

  • Size
    Make sure the screen size fits in your living space and with your TV stand or wall mounting. Screen sizes range from 32-inches to 85-inches, so taking measurements beforehand would be a good idea.
  • Usage
    It would help if you also considered what you plan on using the TV for. This will help you decide on the specifications that you might require. For instance, if you are an avid movie consumer and appreciate crystal clear pictures, you most likely want to look at a set with 4K resolution and HDR capabilities. If you want to use the TV for gaming, it is important to have enough HDMI ports and a processor to interface with your console. If you mainly want to game, you may want to rather look at gaming PC Black Friday specials.
  • Budget
    Now that you have a good idea of the specifications you would like your set to have; you can look for TV deals that match your budget.

2021 Black Friday Deals

You can use the 2021 Black Friday deals to predict what the 2022 deals will look like.

In 2021 there were a variety of discounts from a variety of companies. These savings are offered anywhere between £180 and £1200. There was even an average of £300 deals for new models.

These savings should be repeated in 2022. Keeping up with the company’s discounts is a good way to be prepared. You can also look at reviews, such as Samsung reviews and Argos reviews, so that you are ready to grab your ideal TV.

2022 Black Friday Deals

There is a fine balance between waiting for the best Black Friday deal and ensuring the company still has a stock of the model you are looking at. Check the supply of the models you are interested in at the different companies to avoid disappointment.

So far this year, there have been encouraging TV discounts, including £89 on a new Samsung model. This suggests that the Black Friday deals will include the new 2022 models. The highest discounts will most likely be on the 2021/2020 models.

Anything from a slick Samsung with its QLED technology and designer frame that allows the set to look like an elegant painting on the wall to possible Apple Black Friday deals on Apple TV, Amazon Black Friday deals on a variety of models and Fire Sticks, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Retailers will offer discounts, and exploring what they offer is a good idea. For example, Curry’s Black Friday deals should provide you with a range of TVs, and Tesco electronics would also join the Black Friday frenzy.

You can see sets sold between £200 to £4000 depending on the size and the specifications. These sets are all smart TVs with LED and HD-ready functionality in the lower budget options to 4K resolution, HDR, and UHD functionality in the higher budget range.

Let’s go shopping!

Whether you are looking for a TV, a laptop deal on Black Friday, or even an upgrade for the kitchen dishwasher at Currys, ReviewsBird.co.uk has you covered.

Giving you all the information you need to be prepared to grab the Black Friday TV deal of your dreams. You are now ready to enter the fray and come out victorious. Happy shopping!

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