What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a commonly used phrase to describe the Friday after Thanksgiving and the start of some impressive sales. ReviewsBird.co.uk is ready to take you through exciting Black Friday deals in stores and online shopping.

But have you ever wondered where the idea of Black Friday originated? Initially, the phrase did not fill people with excitement - instead, it filled them with dread because it would mean that something terrible was happening in the economy. So this was anything but a positive day.

In the 1950s, business owners would refer to the day after Thanksgiving Thursday as ‘Black Friday’ because many workers would call in sick, negatively impacting their working day. However, it was only in the 1980s that Black Friday began to receive positive connotations and was linked with companies offering discounted prices in a celebration.

Since then, the concept of Black Friday has grown to incorporate the whole week and the following Monday! This year Black Friday falls on the 25th of November, and the weekend of super sales will end on Cyber Monday, the 28th of November.

Black Friday TV Deals

Being ready to get the ultimate Black Friday TV deals will mean that you have done your homework and know what size and specifications you are looking at. This will ensure you can buy your set before the stock runs out over the weekend.

It would be best if you kept your eyes open for discounts from different companies, Currys TV deals are worth watching, and John Lewis’ Black Friday deals are also very competitive.

2021 sales showed large discounts on many different-sized models. There have already been discounts this year, even on 2022 models, suggesting that these models will be included in the Black Friday deals.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Amazon is a one-stop shopping experience. Find out exactly what this experience is about with Amazon reviews. To avoid the crowds and traffic that come with Black Friday, you can shop all on your wish list through Amazon. Additionally, becoming an Amazon Prime member is beneficial as members may receive exclusive offers and free delivery.

The 2021 trend, combined with this year’s Prime Day and Early Access Sale, suggests that the Black Friday specials will be significantly worthwhile. Especially since, if they follow previous patterns, Amazon’s Black Friday sales could start as early as the 8th of November!

With savings ranging from 25% to 80% on different products and the time-sensitive ‘Lightning Deals’ during the weekend, there will be something for you from the Amazon Black Friday deals, from Kindle to Nintendo Switch!

Make your wishlist and check it against your budget. With this in hand, you are ready to ‘add to the cart.’

Apple Black Friday

Apple UK joins the Black Friday specials through the various retailers that stock these products. So whether you are looking for a trendy Apple Watch, an efficient iPad, or a lifesaving iPhone, there will be Black Friday deals on all of them.

Apple Black Friday deals have increased to 50% off standard prices. This will be repeated this year. Finding the right deal will be worth researching through various retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis, and Currys.

With the impressive functionality packed into each device, you are assured of a high-quality product. If you have difficulty with the product, you can always ask a friendly employee at an iStore to help you. Each employee has an in-depth knowledge of the products and strives to assist every customer to their satisfaction.

Apple stock is popular, and there have been previous years where the stock has run out. So you will need to balance waiting for the best deal with the chance that there will be no stock left.

Black Friday Perfume Deals

The scent of sales is in the air and waiting to grab your attention. Find the type of scent you are partial to, whether woody, spicy, or floral and what brand has mixed it up. During the week of the 21st of November, you can see Black Friday perfume deals on offer.

This exciting extension of the traditional Black Friday weekend has been seen in previous years and will hopefully be repeated in 2022.

Boots, Charlotte Tilbury, The Perfume Shop, and Amazon are all retailers you can keep an eye on when it comes to those special deals. For example, there were discounts on perfumes from 25% to 80% last year.

These specials included packaged sets perfect for stocking up on your favourite scent or sorting holiday gifts. It is worth looking at Black Friday perfume deals as there are few sales during the year and many big brands participate in Black Friday sales.

Black Friday Clothes

Black Friday clothes specials are always an exciting element to the festive weekend. You have been waiting for this opportunity to add something extra to your wardrobe. Fashion accessories are all included in these Black Friday specials.

Many brands will likely offer great deals based on their 2021 discounts, and a pair of Black Friday shoes should slide smoothly into your cart! Looking between retailers like River Island, Nike, and ASOS for Black Friday deals is a good way to find what is on your shopping list.

Having a shopping list and following a few other tips will help you stay on track and not get distracted by all the glamorous sales and overspending.

If the savings trends are similar to last year, you could find up to 70% discounts on your favourite outfits. Blanket discounts offered by retailers are what you need to stock up on gifts or create a new look!

Let’s go shopping!

Whether you are looking for a gaming PC this Black Friday or a dishwasher from Currys, you will surely find what you need this Black Friday weekend. So remember to keep an eye on your favourite retailers to see when they release their festive specials.

Some retailers offer specials beyond the normal Black Friday weekend, and you can jump at these early specials (which will help ensure you get your items before the stock runs out). These specials will be announced closer to the time.

Creating a shopping list with everything you want and your budget is a good way to begin your Black Friday preparation. You do not want to overspend or get something you will never use just because the special seemed so amazing.

Let ReviewsBird.co.uk help you form a game plan to make sure you can tick off as many items as possible on your list. If you are looking at online shopping to avoid the Black Friday crowds, consider visiting the shop beforehand to ensure the item is what you are looking for.

All that is left to do is take a deep breath and enjoy the rush of getting the best deal for you! Good luck and happy shopping.

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