Best Apple Black Friday Deals In 2022

Hearing the words ‘Black Friday’ is enough to send excitement down everyone’s spine. The rush of finding the best Apple deal could be yours with a little guidance from The Black Friday sales event is a perfect opportunity to look at purchasing a variety of products through online shopping. A winning plan of action is to be prepared with a good understanding of the products you are interested in. Using the electronic reviews will assist you in this, making sure that you are ready to make the most of Black Friday sales.

A Quick Glance At Apple

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Inc in 1977. This technology company strived towards becoming the leading technology company through its innovative designs, products, and services. This is a goal many would agree has been achieved. Apple Inc is owned by a group of shareholders and has Timothy Cook as CEO since 2011. The company prides itself on having an integrated system within which its products and services operate seamlessly. Over and above the software functioning, this system offers speciality services such as Apple Support and Apple Live Chat to assist customers in achieving the best experience. These support services are available both digitally and live at various Apple stores.

Apple is well known in the following product areas:

  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • iPhones
  • Apple watches
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Music

The company has certainly made its name as one of the leading technology companies in the world. In fact, it has been named UK’s Coolest Brand for the 9th consecutive year. This is a testament to the loyalty that the brand inspires.

Some of the elements that have made the brand so well supported are:

  • Apple’s useability:
    A priority for all Apple devices is the ease of use. The products are designed with specific focus on easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interfaces and systems.
  • Simple evolution:
    Apple chooses to keep simplicity as a key focus when they explore the evolution of each product. The betterment of the previous model is the aim and only when the developers believe this is met will the product be released. This ensures the best quality is always on offer.
  • Customer service:
    There is a high standard expected of Apple customer service. This is whether you are using Apple live chat or speaking to someone at an iStore. Apple’s customer service aims to make finding the right device and learning how to use it a pleasant experience.
  • Software system:
    Apple devices, no matter what device will all be able to interface with each other as they run within the same operating system. This allows you to have the same updated information on each of your devices, often without even thinking about this transfer.
  • Product innovation
    Apple is not afraid to find a concept and improve on it by adding its own brand of innovation and creativity to create a product that integrated into its high-quality system.

Apple and Black Friday

Apple itself approaches Black Friday slightly differently. Black Friday 2021 was celebrated by Apple with a gift card to use on your next purchase. Customers can hope that they will offer similar special offers in 2022. Other retailers do offer Apple products at discounted prices. Retailers such as Currys, Tesco, and John Lewis all offered substantial discounts in 2021. Therefore, based on Black Friday sales in 2021, you can expect to save on Apple products this year. Keeping up to date on the retailers of interest is a good way to make sure you do not miss out on the deals that they are offering.

Apple Watches This Black Friday

Discounted Apple watches on Black Friday will fly from retailers and Apple UK. Apple watches offer a wide variety of functionality right from health tracking through heart rate and oxygen level monitors, to answering calls and messages, to fitness tracking. It has become a close companion to many Apple users over the years. The new Series 8, SE, and Ultra have been recently released with new functionality such as a temperature sensor! Keep your eyes open for deals on these new devices.

Black Friday in 2021 saw discounts on the Series 7, which was the new release at the time. This does suggest the strong likelihood of the Series 8, SE and Ultra getting similar treatment in 2022. Already some retailers such as Currys are giving an indication of their price ranges with a Series 3 for £178.

Apple iPads This Black Friday

Apple’s iPads are easy to use and offer functionality from everyday basics to professional media editing, serious gaming, and document creation. With the iPad 9 generation being released in 2021 there is a high likelihood of good Black Friday specials this year. Similarly, the iPad Mini 5 and iPad Pro 5 were all released in 2021 and the chances of good deals are high. Retailers have had sales earlier on during the year which builds hope for exciting sales coming up this Black Friday weekend. Some of these sales have offered a £44 to £90 discount on various iPad devices. It is important to view different retailers and the specials that they are offering for iPads this Black Friday.

Apple iPhones This Black Friday

An iPhone completes the Apple set, and an Apple user cannot be without one. There are many options for a customer to peruse through. The most recent release is the iPhone 14 family. However, the iPhone 13 family will most likely have the most Black Friday iPhone deals, followed by the iPhone 12 family. Investigating the different specifications for these devices will help you decide whether you are looking for an iPhone, iPhone Mini, iPhone Pro, or iPhone Pro Max. Each device offers Apple support and has accessories that will complement your personal style. You can purchase your iPhone on contract with one of the networks such as Tesco Mobile or O₂ for prices such as an iPhone 13 Mini for £31.99 to £49 per month depending on the package you choose.

Let’s go shopping!

Black Friday encourages excitement and anticipation for all the possible savings and discounts. Being prepared beforehand is one of the best strategies that can be used when facing this flood of adrenaline. Preparation allows you to find the deals that suit your taste and your budget. It can be easy to get swept away in the flood and find you have purchased items that you are not completely happy with or that you have spent more than you had planned. Following the announcements from retailers closer to the time will help you narrow down the options that will be just right for you. Enjoy the rush!

By Callan