‘Tis the Season of the Stylish Men’s Christmas Jumper

Christmastime isn’t reserved for kids; it’s the most wonderful time of the year for adults too. While the thought of donning a Christmas jumper might have you running for the furthermost reaches of the North Pole - this guide to the not-so-humble tradition of the Xmas jumper could change your mind! Check out the ReviewsBird.co.uk reviews platform for all things Christmassy and informative; for example, the authentic reviews of other yuletide shoppers and their experiences with popular online shops. Christmas isn't just a day; it's a frame of mind, so get your head and jumper in the game.

How do you style a men's Christmas jumper?

While the origins of the Christmas jumper can be traced far back to Scandinavian fishermen in woollen sweaters, conversely, this is not the look you will be going for this festive season. Seemingly womens fashion has all the fun these days, but Christmastime is an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and have some fun. There’s a delicate balance between looking like you’ve shown up to the party and not like a grown man in a little boys Christmas jumper. There are several festive season parties you’ll get the chance to don a Christmas sweatshirt to, and these are some of the best jumper options to wear to ensure you arrive in style.

The office Christmas party

This event could be a touch-and-go when it comes to a festive jumper. Depending on your work environment, you’ll need to gauge if it's going to be a casual pub-style setting or Christmas-themed lunch. Alternatively, a smart affair would be better suited to a hint of Fair Isle on your knit. Asos and Next are great options for something well-fitted and just toned down enough for work, while a browse on stylight is sure to fire up inspiration. Attending anything formal or super corporate may see you leave the sweater behind in favour of a suit and tie.

The festive family gathering

Go big or go home; the festive family gathering is the ultimate Christmas sweater occasion. Opt for an ugly jumper to break the ice and get all the kids and in-laws laughing. Your family Christmas photos will never be the same; think flashing lights, novelty yuletide characters, catchy slogans or even a funny family photo print. Etsy, Amazon, and eBay sweaters are all great options for cheap Christmas jumpers and turning up the family fun a notch and matching men's and womens Christmas jumper sets.

The ‘Friendmas’ affair

The annual friends' Christmas is the best party of the season. There are no fights, and everyone brings their favourite dish to share. The Friendmas festive party is an excellent time to pull out that hideous jumper and have a good laugh. The bonus, you’ll be super comfy and cosy too. The Christmas jumper shop is your first stop for something eye-catching and unique.

The top colours for Christmas and how to coordinate them

If you start to feel the festive fatigue setting in early, veer away from the uber-colourful designs more suited to those of little boys and girls Christmas jumper styles and stick to something understated. Dressing in iconic Christmas colours is a great way to signal your commitment to the season without compromising your style; you can still have a merry little Christmas without looking like it exploded all over your outfit.


Ruby berries on a sprig of mistletoe promise a Christmas kiss; red is the colour most synonymous with the festive season. If a red ensemble is good enough for Santa Claus, it’s good enough for your Christmas jumper. Pair a crew or roll-neck jumper in your most suitable red with a pair of chinos or jeans, and keep the rest of your outfit understated.


The colour of holly and mistletoe, green, indicates nature and foliage, particularly Christmas trees. Given the myriad of shades and tones, it's a surefire choice that will not only elude to the season but also bring a sense of calm to those peppery family parties you will find yourself at this time of year - best paired with simple colours and cuts.


Go for gold this Christmas, namely, in the accessories department. While gold is often associated with vintage pieces, it can bring richness to an otherwise simple outfit. For gold pieces to rival even the Wise Men, pick only a few details, for example, a wristwatch or statement signet ring.

By Mo