Fun Boys Christmas Jumper Ideas for the Festive Season

Santa’s little helpers can’t go through the festive season underdressed; more specifically, cosied up in a super fun Christmas jumper adorned with all the bells and whistles. From T-Rex to Rudolph the reindeer, boys’ Christmas jumper options are endless and just about anything goes. If you need a little help in the festive department, reviews platform is a great place to find feedback and inspiration pre-Christmas shopping.

Where did the tradition of Xmas Jumpers come from?

A once often unwanted homemade gift from well-meaning relatives, the humble beginnings of the Christmas jumper date back as far as the nineteenth century. Once believed to be worn by fishermen in Scandinavia, the knitted apparel was later popularised by well-known celebrities at ski resorts; subsequently, those wishing to emulate the luxurious aesthetic and enjoy similar outdoor pursuits began to wear them too, and so the tradition grew. With technological advancements came access to more affordable options in the knitwear department, so retailers began marketing the seasonal Christmas sweatshirt. The 2001 release of Bridget Jones’s Diary saw Colin Firth awkwardly kitted out in a novelty Christmas jumper that perfectly marked the love and rise of the ugly jumper, far removed from its traditional fishermen’s Fair Isle print. More recently, online fashion stores are reviving popular 80s fashion icons and adorning jumpers with everything from Back to the Future nostalgia to Care Bears.

Stores to find the best boys Christmas jumper

In the search for the perfect girls Christmas jumper, you’ll most likely come across an endless supply of sparkly, tinsel-strewn styles encrusted with all manner of pom poms, frills and fuss. However, there are plenty of kids' Christmas jumpers that won’t leave your boy looking like he got himself stuck in the Christmas tree - unless that’s the look you’re going for, of course!

Next boys Christmas jumper

Next is the perfect online store to purchase those family Christmas jumpers, notably adorable womens Christmas jumper sets with a matching festive dog sweater for your furry companion. Boys will be sure to find their favourite fit from the extensive collection of Father Christmas and fox-strewn Fair Isle designs to a rocketship Santa, reindeer galore and pop culture prints. Be quick about ordering your Next boys Christmas jumper; these Yuletime picks sell like hotcakes.

Etsy Christmas sweaters for boys

While the perfect mens Christmas jumper is unlikely to have an array of adorable animals, dancing gingerbread men or a cheeky Pikachu; conversely, these all make for the ideal boy's festive sweater. The notorious T-Rex and its prehistoric companions are very popular, with many a ‘tree-Rex’ appearing on Esty boys' sweaters this season. Guardians of the Galaxy characters are equally in demand, with designs signalling 80s fashion nostalgia. Slogan sweaters and a classic lineup of Christmas characters are available; also widely on offer are matching family Christmas jumpers and onesies for cosy mornings opening gifts together. If you want to snap up a unique gift for someone special, an Etsy Christmas jumper for women, men or kids is a surefire win.

eBay boys Christmas jumper

If it’s not a site that immediately comes to mind, check out an eBay Christmas jumper review or two before you take a deep dive through the expansive and exciting lineup of festive jumpers at your fingertips. There is no shortage of festive fun among the endless dancing Santas, rosy-cheeked Pokémon, Jurassic Park favourites and retro-inspired pop culture fixtures. If you get your order in on time, bundle deals are also available, including bulk discounts to stretch that Christmas budget further while covering all your little elves.

DIY festive jumpers for boys

Christmas-time is usually stressful as it is, without adding the pressure of making your own ugly sweater; however, if you just can’t find something that catches your eye, you could go ahead and get your creative juices flowing. Arm yourself with a hot-glue gun, bedazzling wand, and handfuls of sparkly 3-dimensional bits and pieces; the sky is the limit for getting crafty. If you have the time and skill set, it’s time to show it off. For eco-conscious moms straying away from the lure of single-use Yuletime fast fashion, upcycling an old jumper or purchasing something previously loved is a great way to get ahead of the trend.

Christmas jumper trends for boys

A quick search while shopping online will start to make those seasonal sweater trends rather obvious, so if you are looking for festive, fun boys Christmas jumper ideas, these top picks will have your kids in smiles and stitches.

T-Rex and Co.

Jurassic World Dominion dominates screens this year, and boys’ Christmas jumpers too! T-Rexmas is not only trendy, but it’s loads of fun for boys, and you’ll find stores packed with options.

Fair Isle

Not necessarily the simple Scandi designs of their adult counterparts, Fair Isle styles take a twist in the form of rows of chubby Santas, Woodland's foxes and dancing reindeer. Colourful, eclectic, and on-trend.

Retro revival

Perhaps taking cues from the Stranger Things series, there’s a strong 80’s pop culture revival to current-day characters like those from Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

By Mo