Where to Find the Best Christmas Jumper

Forever immortalised on family Christmas cards and framed in your childhood home, naturally, Christmas jumpers are par for the course come the festive season. The uglier your Christmas jumper, the better! Adorned with reindeer, a rosy-cheeked Santa and plenty of dangly tinsel adornments; subsequently, the ugly sweater is the penultimate collaboration of festive cheer and embarrassment. Learn from the experiences of those who have tread before you and check out the ReviewsBird.co.uk reviews platform for inspiration on all things Christmassy for the whole family. May the ugliest Christmas sweater win!

The best boys Christmas jumper finds

Online shopping is undoubtedly the smart way to snap up those Christmas outfits for the big day without braving the onslaught of festive shoppers, especially with kids in tow. The resistance to shopping starts particularly early with boys, making it even more challenging to find the perfect boys Christmas jumper in-store. The best boys' jumper will need to survive rough and tumble and probably isn’t a long-term investment. For a great selection of styles from earthy Woodlands scenes to super gaudy and tactile pom-poms and reindeer, an Aldi Christmas jumper is the ultimate in affordability and adornment, albeit all in the comfort of shopping from home and delivered to your doorstep within 3-7 working days.

Gaudy and fun girls Christmas jumper ideas

Most little girls can’t resist the lure of something sparkly, especially when it comes accompanied by adorable little animals and plenty of bobbles, pom poms and more. The love of fashion is almost innate, and while boys will put on just about anything you buy for them, the perfect girls Christmas jumper will most likely require a combination of all the Christmas cheer one item of clothing can carry. Whether you splash out on something from Marks and Spencer, a super fun sweater from H&M or the best Christmas card-worthy jumper from Aldi, it will need to be little-girl-approved if it’s going to make an appearance. While Marks and Spencer will give you up until December 23rd for next-day delivery, stores like H&M cut off festive deliveries on December 20th, and Aldi deliveries arrive within 3-7 working days of order; as such, you’ll need to plan ahead.

The ultimate womens Christmas jumper

Arguably within every woman is a little girl who just loves to play dress-up; cue the super fun womens Christmas jumper, adorned in all the glitz, and glam Christmas can bear, albeit in a grown-up version. Suppose you are not one for the gaudy garb of Christmas outfits that have become popularised in recent years. In that case, subtle nuances of cute kissing penguins or winter wonderland scenes of snowflakes and Fairisle prints will transport you to the spirit of Christmas this festive season. If, on the other hand, you love the idea of super ugly but adorable matching family Christmas jumpers splashed with bobbles and grinning Noël characters galore, you won’t have a hard time finding them online this holiday season. While an asos christmas jumper has everything you want and need, you’ll also be spoiled for choice with matchy-matchy Christmas morning pyjama sets. If you absolutely must leave your Asos purchase to the last moment, select next-day delivery or click and collect by December 23rd. Give yourself some breathing room and get standard delivery by Christmas for orders placed by December 21st. While shopping for your holiday lunch supplies at Lidl, why not throw in a side dish of the annual winter novelty Christmas knit, a super-popular sellout jumper since its launch in 2020?

Comfy-cool mens Christmas jumper

As far as Christmas jumpers go, most designs are quite unisex nowadays, and it’s not just women and kids who get to have all the fun! Nothing says cosy-but-goofy-but-cool quite like a mens christmas jumper, so much so that you might even steal that kiss under the mistletoe. Put the ‘X’ back in Xmas jumpers with a well-fitting but equally garish Christmas sweatshirt that speaks volumes about your taste and style but also your spirit of festive fun. If having Rudolph the reindeer plastered across your chest isn’t exactly your cup of tea, try a seasonally appropriate but toned-down Fairisle design to fit the merry mood. From Asos to Aldi, your online shopping options are endless and don’t require even a step in the direction of any mall. Asos orders can be pushed until December 23rd, but don’t delay and try to get your jumper order in by December 21st to avoid disappointment. If you find your perfect fit from Aldi, you’ll need to allow 3-5 working days for standard delivery; however, festive delays could affect your online shopping orders, so get them in fast.

A dog Christmas jumper a day

Doggos around the globe will share in the ultimate embarrassment this festive season, all in the name of Christmas. As with the number of days in the countdown of an advent calendar, there are also numerous adorable dog Christmas jumper options to pamper and pester your family pooch. Dogs are absolutely part of the family, and their holiday attire could make or break that perfect Christmas postcard shot. While you may not be able to enter Harry the hound in the lidl christmas jumper competition this year, you can still dress him up in a holly-jolly jumper worthy of any Santa’s little helper. Aldi has fantastic Christmas jumper options for your pampered pooch, from Santa himself to a naughty little elf; alternatively, a Christmas tree jumper is not only cosy but absolutely adorable too! If you are quick, you might even get the matching jumper for his favourite human; just be sure to allow 3-7 working days for delivery.

Funny Christmas jumper ideas

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, an opportunity for family and friends to come together and celebrate the meaning and joy of the festive season. Additionally, Christmas lends itself to a myriad of tinsel-tinged fun, laughter and togetherness. When it comes to Christmas jumpers, UK does it best; think the famed Lidl winter knit, coordinated Asos pyjama sets to wear while opening presents and an array of ugly handmade numbers from Etsy or Amazon. With origins that date as far back as the nineteenth century, this seasonal favourite isn’t going anywhere soon. The best Christmas jumper is probably the one that will get you the biggest laugh; think along the lines of 3-dimensional designs, naughty Santa’s and bauble bedazzled numbers, and you are on the right track! If you want a little inspiration, this roundup of the funniest and ugliest Christmas jumpers making an appearance will get your creative juices going.

  • Will Ferrell, aka ‘Buddy the Elf’ ugly Christmas jumper designs

  • Christmas tree sweaters complete with tinsel garland and bauble ornaments

  • Alien-esque 3-dimensional reindeer head jumpers bursting from the torso

  • Rude quote Christmas sweaters complete with customised prints and text

  • Light-up designs with built-in battery packs for that Christmas tree-inspired touch

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