What Are The Best iPad Black Friday Deals In 2022?

Black Friday peaks over the horizon with new opportunities for online shopping. ReivewsBird.co.uk is here to assist you with electronic reviews, in particular, Apple reviews to prepare you for the possible discounts that lie ahead.

The iPad is the bridge between smartphone and laptop, offering customers a unique advantage for work and leisure in a compact and convenient device. You can see more about the variety of devices and accessories at apple.com UK.

What do Apple iPads offer?

Apple has a range of iPad models that they continuously update. These models all provide similar basic functions, differing with regard to how you would like to incorporate them into your life.

Each model (iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro) has different generations on offer. The main difference between the generations will be upgraded software, hardware, and increased storage capacity.

  • iPad
    The general iPad model offers you an easy-to-use everyday device. For day-to-day streaming, web browsing, light notetaking, and basic gaming the iPad is the option for you. The latest iPad is the 9th generation which was released in September 2021.
  • iPad Air
    The iPad Air is for the more serious user that requires storage and functionality more advanced than what is offered on the iPad. An iPad Air offers comprehensive streaming ability, web browsing, intermediate gaming, document creation, and using the device as a graphics tablet. The latest iPad Air is the 5th generation which was released in March 2022.
  • iPad Mini
    The iPad Mini offers similar functionality to the iPad model, in a more compact device. This is perfect for portability and on-the-go usage. The latest iPad Mini is the 6th generation which was released in September 2021.
  • iPad Pro
    The iPad Pro offers functions similar to a laptop but in a smaller device. Large file and media editing capabilities and high-performing gaming are added to the other functions in this model. The latest iPad Pro is the 5th generation and was released in May 2021.

These iPads all offer touchscreen functionality and can be paired with Apple accessories such as a portable keyboard and Apple Pencil to enhance accessibility. Other Apple accessories such as covers or cases, speakers, headphones, and power cables can be found on the iStore or at an Apple store near you.

An iPad might be a good investment if you find yourself needing the above-mentioned functions whilst continuing with your busy schedule.

2021 Black Friday Deals

2021 Black Friday did not offer huge deals on the iPad range. With many new generations having been released in 2021 the offers were limited for the iPad user, most likely due to this recent entry into the market. Apple stores offered a gift card with all purchases over the Black Friday weekend that could be used at the next purchase. This left many customers looking forward to better specials in 2022.

2022 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2022 does seem to be looking better for deals and specials. The only new release this year has been the iPad Air 5. The rest of the models have all been released in 2021 or before, suggesting that the possibility for discounts is much higher.

There have been good specials throughout this year on various devices, which adds to the hope for good iPad Black Friday deals this year. Investigating the different retailers and looking at Tesco reviews, Apple reviews, or reviews for John Lewis will make sure that you are ready to find the best place to find deals.

It is a good idea to follow announcements that the retailers make as Black Friday draws near to see what discounts you can expect and make an informed decision.


You can find Apple stores in many areas of the UK, such as Oxford and Nottingham, or use the online iStore to explore the accessories and devices on offer. Remember to keep your eyes open for all discounts and not only Black Friday specials as some retailers do start offering specials early.

If you enjoy Apple products don’t forget to also look at iPhones or Apple watch this Black Friday. The more you search for deals, the better ones you will find. Happy hunting!

By Callan