Best Apple Watch Black Friday Deals in 2022

Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday will run from Friday 25th November 2022 to Monday 28th November 2022. The air is rife with excitement in anticipation of the discounted prices of Apple watches.

Online shopping has become a popular method of participating in Black Friday specials and avoid the crowds at the same time. is here to help guide you through exploring reviews for shops and electronic reviews as well as to make your 2022 Black Friday the best it can be.

Apple reviews show the reliability and good quality of the products and services that you can expect from this company. From here you can also find an Apple store near you, you may be looking for an Apple store in Oxford or even an Apple store in Nottingham!

Why Choose An Apple Watch?

Walking into an Apple store or looking through the iStore catalogue you will see the different series of Apple watches available. Each series is an upgrade on the one before, often adding in a new look or accessory.

Choosing an Apple watch can benefit you if you have an iPhone and enjoy flexible and immediate access to your messages, music, and value tracking your daily health. An Apple watch can help you do all of this and more.

Apple watches offer a wide variety of functionality. These watches offer you the convenience of having all of these functions on your wrist and at your fingertips.

Some of the functions you will find are:

  • Health functions
    These watches offer insight into your present state of well-being. This can help you monitor elements such as your heart rate, sleep cycles and quality, blood oxygen levels (from Series 6), and temperature sensing (from Series 8).
  • Fitness functions
    Tracking and recording your daily steps and exercise helps to keep you informed and motivated as you move to keep up with your fitness goals.
  • Connectivity functions
    Conveniently you can answer and make phone calls, read and compose text messages, and listen to music all directly through your Apple watch.

You are also able to style your Apple watch to your unique tastes by looking through the Apple accessories to find the band that speaks to you.

2021 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday was a roaring success in 2021 and Apple products were one of many that flew off the shelves. Many retailers offered discounts from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. Apple themselves gave out gift cards with each purchase over the sales-filled weekend.’

The Apple Series 7 had come out in the September and there were many discounted deals on these new products, suggesting the same can be expected this year for the Series 8 and the Ultra.

2021 saw discounts for Apple watches averaging between £30 and £90! Some of the favourite deals were the Series 3 from Currys at £169 (a £28 savings), the Series 6 from Amazon for £289 (a £90 savings), and the Series 7 from John Lewis at £379.

2022 Black Friday Deals

This year Apple has launched the Series 8, SE second edition, and the Ultra. These three devices are the latest in the innovative designs Apple offers its customers.

The new releases should be included in the Black Friday deals this year, it will be helpful to follow the retailers to ensure that you are up to date with their deals as they release them closer to the 25th of November.

The Series 7 was launched in September 2021 and there should be good deals out on these devices, so keep a lookout for the Series 7.

Currently, you can purchase a Series 7 Apple watch from £359, a Series 8 from £419, a SE from £259, and an Ultra from £399 these should be less during the Black Friday specials if the trends follow the 2021 deals.

Confirmed Black Friday specials will be released by the individual retailers closer to the time.

Investigating their current prices will help you prepare in your search for the best deal.

Currently, some retailers are giving customers an idea of the price range they can expect, with Currys advertising the Series 3 for £178 and Amazon advertising the Series 7 for £399.

Being prepared for Black Friday is a key step in ensuring you get the best deals for you. Looking at Currys’ review, or the one for Tesco and Apple can give you insight into what to expect from them. This may help you determine which online shopping outlet you will be watching closely.

Choosing the correct online shopping experience is important because it will give you peace of mind that your purchases will be delivered safely to you. This allows you to focus on the excitement of choosing what you wish to add to your cart!


This Black Friday could be the day you walk away with your very own Apple watch. Perhaps you are looking for an Apple watch, an iPad on Black Friday, or for Black Friday iPhone deals. Whatever you need will ensure that you are ready to grab the right Apple deal for you. Perhaps you are even Happy shopping!

By Callan