How to Make Any Room Special with Cushion Covers

Cushions make everyday life much easier for us. They make up everything from sofas seats to the pillows on our beds. In addition cushions are not only white and black, they can be in any color or pattern that you want. This is what is unique about cushion covers that we talk about in this article.

Types of Cushion Covers

The part about cushion covers is that you can use them to “dress up” your cushions in any way you like. This means that you can use anything you want and make any cushion exclusive to you. The only issue with this is that you can go on searching on many review websites without knowing what are the best choices for cushions covers and lose a lot of time. The following is a list of the most common cushion types and their pros and cons:

• Silk or Wool


If you are looking for luxurious decorative cushion covers, these are the best choice. With appropriate care, they have a lifetime durability.


They are expensive and require special care, which can also have high costs.

• Cotton or linen


these fabrics are both durable and washable. They are also great for use on outside furniture like as a bench cushion in the summer, as long as they don’t get direct sunlight.


The linen fabrics have a tendency to crease or wrinkle which means that the linen covers should be used on cushions that are less frequently used.

• Leather


the durability of leather is exceptional. It is perfect for use as cushion covers that will endure much use on a sofa or favorite chair.


leather is a material that takes time to become user-friendly and has special care requirements. For more info and possible ideas, check out Perch Parrow.

• Polyester/Nylon


they tend to be blended with the other fibers mentioned before and produce great long-lasting cushion covers. These synthetic fibers are budget friendly cushion covers that are machine washable and can be acquired easily on sites like Yes I Want It. In addition they are available in various color options and patterns as well as waterproof options for outdoor furnishing.


Not very luxurious and can become worn out quicker than other types of fabrics.

Best Cushion Covers for Sofas

If you are looking for durable and long lasting cushion covers for your sofa, your best choice would be leather. The durability, flexibility, and the wonderful aging aspects of leather, with the right care, make leather sofas very luxurious.

If you are on a budget, the best choice would be a polyester/nylon blended fabric mix. They are machine washable and have some durability, but they will lose color and get “worn out” eventually. For more info you can check out Julian Charles Pillow Reviews.

Best Outdoor Cushion Covers

For the outside, the best choice is always cotton or linen covers. Not only are they soft to the touch and naturally made, they have a great durability, and come in many beautiful color options like tel, blue or orange. Linen is good for something like a garden bench cushion that isn’t used very often, as they tend to crease.

If you are on a budget, the synthetic blends are good options as well. Though they are not as soft and comfortable as cotton or linen covers, they are affordable and washable.

I hope this article helps you search for the right cushion cover that fits your everyday needs. Don’t forget to be creative and personalized with your covers. Good luck shopping!

By Mo