What to Look for in Bench Cushions

Are you looking for something that fits your bottom? The pillow cushion isn’t firm enough? The sofa cushions are too puffy? Well you have come to the right place! Seat or bench cushions are a category in and of their own. Not only are they firm and less fluffy, they fit your bottom very well and give just the right comfort and firmness to make you at ease whether sitting on a cushioned chair at a desk for hours or on a garden bench cushion enjoying the view.

As said before, a bench cushion is something that should be both comfortable and durable. Finding something that is of a great quality does not necessarily mean high price tags and defending on how often and where the cushions are used, the costs can be pretty low.

Garden Bench Cushions

Sitting at a bench watching the flower and many plants growing in your garden is enjoyable. Some people even enjoy a book whilst in front of their own garden and spend hours sitting on a bench. Here is where the garden bench cushions come into play. Garden bench cushions are both waterproof and filled with long lasting material- usually down/feathers or polyester blend (the good kind). After searching on many review websites you will find that for certain a good waterproof bench cushion can last a long time depending on some factors:

- Usage (the more they are heavily used the sooner they wear down)

- Sunlight ( direct sun can damage them over time)

- Water (if they are not likely to be exposed to water then waterproof cushions are not needed)

The more expensive cushions will endure much longer, but if you just need cushions for occasionally sitting at your garden bench then going for cheaper options are a wise choosing.If you expect to use garden bench cushions a lot, you might be interested in down/feather filled cushions that are waterproof like the ones you may find on Perch Parrow.

Seat Cushions

Sitting at the desk for hours can be painful for your bottom, but a bench cushion pad can alleviate all the strain. These seat cushions or cushion pads (as they are thinner than typical cushions) are both soft and firm. They elevate your seating position and make you feel as though you aren’t sitting on a slab of wood or plastic for hours, like the ones seen on Julian Charles Pillow Reviews.

Some options include:

- Foam filled seat cushions (depending on quality they can endure more time)

- Waterproof seat cushions ( drink too much coffee? These cushions have no issue with that!)

- Leather seat cushions (they last a long time, and are stylish to say the least)

Outdoor Bench Cushions

Outdoor bench cushions are for furniture that will often or always stay outside. A typically good bench cushion, if left outside, will endure dry summers and wet winters and lose only a bit of color, which is acceptable. The most important aspect of outdoor bench cushions is that they are supposed to be very relaxing. As opposed to garden bench cushions, which are closer to desk chair cushions and need to be firm and soft, outdoor bench cushions are supposed to be soft, durable, and waterproof.

To add to the benefit of bench cushions, you can even use bench cushions even for hammocks. They have great firmness and softness, due to their smooth cover, and can be great padding for a pillow for an afternoon siesta or even for a cuddle cushion for a quick nap.

What you should look for in outdoor bench cushions are fillings of beans, foam, or down. The cover should be a synthetic blend or even leather (if kept well). The more expensive material will for sure endure much longer. If you think that a soft bench cushion is what you are looking for, maybe for your lawn chair, you might want to see Yes I want It for reviews on product and product ideas for your own cushion.

As a reminder, the essential detail that should not be overlooked when searching for the right bench cushion is always its function, and something that you will use occasionally should be cheaper than something often used. In addition, remember that one or more bench cushions can be applied in more than one place, depending on their comfort so creativity is a huge plus. So, I hope this article helps you out and I wish all the best on your cushion shopping!

By Mo