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Is your boiler leaking or losing water pressure? Does your home’s thermostat no longer work? Its time to call in a professional from the heating industry. This is usually a costly, complicated and confusing process with a murky system of trusting a stranger to buy, fit and install a costly appliance to your home. There are hundreds of companies and independent installers to choose from, but one you might have recognized is BOXT. This company provides a network of independent installers and local equipment suppliers for fast, efficient and professional service. The customer is in control of the process: from selecting a boiler, installation date, and in paying a fixed-price quote. For customers requiring a new boiler, BOXT’s service is as easy as answering a dozen questions on their website about their home, their current boiler, their type of heating system, the basics of their home’s fittings and layout, and entering their postcode to find their nearest installers and suppliers. They will then be able to choose their new boiler and its new controls as well as the desired date of installation. Users will then be issued with a fixed-price quote. If you’re looking to replace your boiler or to upgrade your current heating system, consider BOXT to fit and install a new system in your home. Read our customers’ reviews and real-world experiences of using BOXT and dealing with their suppliers and installers to find out if they will be able to help you.

About BOXT
BOXT was founded in 2012 as an online marketplace for buying, selling and installing boilers. Customers complete an online questionnaire about their home, their boiler and heating system, and they’re then issued with a fixed-price quote. Upon accepting the quote and selecting an installation date, a new boiler system will arrive by courier followed by an independent installer to fit the system within 24 hours of the online transaction being completed. BOXT’s service is easy to use on a smartphone, tablet or computer to make it easier to choose the right system to fit a customer’s home and heating requirements.

Products and Services of BOXT
Replacing your home boiler is an expensive undertaking. BOXT offers customers a fixed-price quote with no additional, unexpected costs or hidden fees from installers. They also offer monthly payment schemes for 5- or 10-year repayment terms. Also, BOXT offers customers warranties on all boilers and accessories purchased and installed. The actual boilers feature the latest technology, manufacturing quality and user controls. BOXT includes a free Google Nest Learning Thermostat when customers purchase a combi boiler and install the boiler to interface with smartphone apps such as the Nest Heat Link for users to control the thermostat with ease and keeps the customer in full control of their heating system. The installation process is simpler and faster than other methods of replacing home boilers as the installer already has all the tools and equipment in the BOXT delivery package. Should there be additional work or changes for the installer to make at a customer’s home – such as fitting new radiators, changing taps, re-routing wiring – can be taken by the installer but this process is independent of BOXT. However, the installer and consumer must use the agreed BOXT rates for such additional work – to keep the costs low and the process as transparent as possible.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips about BOXT
Have you bought and installed a BOXT boiler? How did you find their online service and interaction with the independent installers? Did you find their service simple and straightforward? Would you recommend this company? We’d love to hear about your service and experience with BOXT. We invite you to please write a customer review of BOXT and its products and services so that other customers can learn important and accurate information on what to expect. Read other customers’ reviews about BOXT, their online purchasing system, the local installers and their smart home integration expertise when fitting your next home boiler.