The best Black Friday clothing deals in 2022.

There are so many different fashion retailers to look at, and when Black Friday approaches, one only has one day to reach the desired shops and purchase the best deals. So why not research ahead to find out which shops are offering unbeatable men's Black Friday deals? It will ensure you can get the best value for money by finding and purchasing the perfect clothing garment at a discounted price.

Online versus in-store clothes purchases?

Before deciding what fashion retailer to support and where to start looking for the perfect Black Friday clothing deals, one must determine if they plan on shopping online or going to the physical store. Some shops only have in-store Black Friday deals, so one needs to enquire about that as this factor will impact their decision. In addition, other online shopping brands have different sizes, so if you are small at Shop A, you may be large at Shop B. Due to this reason, if there is a sizing guide, it will be beneficial to familiarise yourself with it so that you know which sizes to purchase.

Retailers with the best clothing deals:

There are many good fashion brands and retailers out there, and one way to familiarise yourself with them is by reading fashion reviews or approaching websites like However, remember that it is worthwhile to focus on some brands or retailers you may not be able to afford under normal circumstances, as now is the perfect chance to spot a clothing deal there and buy it. For example, consumers associate Nike or Puma as an expensive brands, but come the 25th of November; they may offer good sports fashion black friday deals. Here are some retailers offering some great clothing deals:


The Zara retailer group prides itself in offering the latest, trendiest clothing for women, men and kids. The brand participates in Black Friday this year on 25 November 2022, and the company will offer a 40% discount on the day itself. Unfortunately, some brands within Zara will not be part of the Black Friday sale as they have been boycotting Black Friday since 2020; however, there will be many other items at the Zara Black Friday sale for shoppers to choose from at reduced prices. Things like the Poplin Midi Dress, Textured Blazer with button details and the Crossbody bag are on sale, getting consumers excited for the Black Friday clothing deals.


Sales at the infamous Next retailer are busy and popular with shoppers. The company is a staple store for the British people, and they are particularly known for its high-quality womenswear, menswear, kidswear and homeware. The shop previously took part in the Black Friday sales by offering up to 70% off on items. However, whether they will participate in the Black Friday sale this year is not confirmed. Read some fashion reviews to keep up to date on the decision and if there will be a Next Black Friday.


The Asos Black Friday sale will have clothing such as Adidas hoodies, The North Face jackets, and Topshop dresses. Asos encourages shoppers to sign up for their newsletters or download their app to stay updated on Black Friday deals. They have also provided a way for shoppers to save the items they want onto ‘boards’ on the app so that it is organised and easy to shop when the big day arrives.


Zalando is a fashion retailer offering special discounts on clothing items and accessories for the entire family. The deal will extend to their section of brands such as Ted Baker, Barbour, UGG and Superdry. Thus, you should look at the Zalando Black Friday deals this year and enjoy some retail therapy!

By Callan