A Detailed Guide to Travel Insurance in the USA

The best travel insurance should offer you help whenever an unexpected event strikes. The problem can be as minor as a lost or delayed suitcase or as major as an emergency medical situation leading to trip delays. Whatever the case scenario is, the best travel insurance will offer timely refunds.

With that said, among a plethora of insurance companies, finding the best match is mind-boggling. If you are trying to pin down trustable travel insurance providers, then you can have a look at reviews published on our site.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

To decide what your travel insurance should cover is a personal choice and depends entirely on your budget. In a nutshell – the more you invest, the more privileges you will be offered.

A basic low-cost travel insurance plan generally offers you help in case of a trip delay or trip cancellations. Also, they can offer you emergency medical or transportation benefits.

Similarly, a higher tier travel insurance plan will offer greater benefits. This may include recovery of lost baggage, medical insurances, refunding of trip cancellation and sometimes protection on rental car damages. Furthermore, the premium plans might also offer you free travel insurances for kids.

Is Travel Health Insurance Important?

Travel health insurance acts as a guardian while you are away from home. It involves taking responsibility for any upcoming crisis and hence, taking the burden off your shoulders just like any other type of insurance.

Other benefits include transportation coverage in case of a medical emergency. This involves bearing the travelling expense of a family member in case you are hospitalized.

Some plans also offer facilities if you face an injury from a natural disaster, political instability or terrorism. Nonetheless, if you travel at a safe place, going with a premium health insurance plan would be a waste of money and vice versa. Therefore, try analyzing your health condition and the risk involved at your destination before deciding which plan can be suitable for you.

Best Travel Insurances for Seniors – How are they Different?

Senior travellers are more vulnerable to facing unexpected medical conditions than the younger ones. Therefore, the best travel insurances for seniors should offer the following essential benefits at least:
1. Trip cancellations not only on medical emergencies but also due to unforeseen climatic or other conditions that might not be suitable for the seniors to travel.
2. Recovery of stolen luggage should include insurance of clothing as well as medications and other valuable items.
3. The seniors can face a medical condition requiring them to fly back to their homes. In that case, insurance covering the responsibility of rapid arrangement of a trip back to home would be fruitful.
4. Another possibility is travelling in a foreign region having a different spoken language. The senior travellers might then need to make toll-free calls for medical consultations in their native language. The insurance company should fulfill this need.
5. All insurance policies have some hidden exception costs. Inquire about them to estimate which type of losses the company is unwilling to pay.

How Much Is Travel Insurance?

The cost of your travel insurance is influenced by various factors but generally, it is around 5 to 10% of the total trip cost. Your age is one of the dominating factors affecting the cost of insurance. As the older you are, the higher the chances of injuries or other unexpected events. Hence, the probability of trip cancellation increases and so does the price.

If you’re wondering how much is travel insurance, then your travel destination is another factor that can affect the cost. The insurance companies do not necessarily look at the criminal statistics of a destination. What they consider more important is how much risk factor is involved while travelling. For example, a city with a high crime rate sounds less risky than a remote mountaineering site where you plan to hike.

Similarly, the trip plan, period of trip and number of travellers are other influencing elements. To buy the best one, penning down all the facilities you want for your trip and then looking for the best available options, quoting the least price would be a sound approach.


Travelling is undoubtedly a fun experience but facing uninvited troubles at a foreign destination can be intimidating. To save yourself from getting into such a situation, buying a reliable travel insurance plan is ideal. Plus, the insurance plan can save you from losing hundreds of dollars on missing a flight or paying hefty sums in case you face a medical emergency.

Hope the guide has helped you in understanding how critical travel insurance can be, and how beneficial it is to choose a safe pathway for exploring out the world.

By Mo