Weirdest types of insurance.

Insurance is something that you probably have yourself. Whether that's for your car, your home, your pets, or your business. Insurance is something that makes our lives that little bit easier.

The basic concept of insurance is rather simple. You keep on paying your insurance company, this is usually a small sum which is paid weekly or monthly. However, should something go wrong, you won't need to pay anything upfront.

Most of us are aware about the usual kinds of insurance. But there are some more… unusual types.


Your big day is supposed to be the best day of your life. But on this day, there are a lot of different things that might go wrong.

Your wedding could be gate crashed by pirates. Your bridesmaid might look even hotter than you do. Or you might decide that the best man is slightly better looking than the groom.

Of course, the chances of any of this stuff happening is very low. But very low does not mean impossible. With wedding insurance, you can be ensured that even if you don't want to go ahead with the whole thing, you wouldn't have wasted all that money.

Alien Abduction

Have you ever wondered what it's like to get abducted by Aliens?

If you said no, you're lying. We all have.

But did you know that you can actually become insured in the event that such a thing happens?

With Alien insurance you can be compensated for any damage that might occur as a result of being taken away by Aliens. No matter what they stick up you, or what they prod you with, or what they make you eat, you can be happy knowing that your insurance will cover it.

Body Part

Imagine being an athlete. And people are saying that you have the fastest feet on Earth!

Or maybe you're a pianist, with amazing hands.

Perhaps even an artist with an impeccable eye for detail.

Thanks to body part insurance, you can get any of your body parts insured. This means that should something terrible happen to your most valuable physical part, you can get compensated.

For most of us, such an insurance isn't going to be of much use, but for those at the top of their field, it could actually be very useful.

Death by laughter

I like to think of myself as a funny person. And occasionally, I even manage to get some people to laugh at my jokes.

But some people out there, think that they're so funny, that they might actually kill someone by making them laugh too much. But because of "Death by laughter" insurance, it's not something that will concern them financially.

So when you next go to a comedy show, think twice before allowing yourself to be killed by the laughter as the comedian might be insured against such an event.


If you're worried about kidnapping, then maybe you should get yourself some kidnapping insurance.

When you have kidnapping insurance, any ransom that was paid in an attempt to set you free will be paid back to whoever paid it.

So if you find yourself with a blindfold on, in the back of a van, you won't need to worry about the financial impact that this is going to have on your family.

You can simply spend your time talking to your kidnappers, finding out what his favourite sports are, and laughing along to some good old jokes.

But preferably, try not to get kidnapped in the first place.

It really is a strange world we're living in sometimes, and the insurance companies try to make the most out of it.