Top Online Games in Canada 2022

The gaming sector has become one of the most successful and profitable industries worldwide. Not only are there mobile games on your smartphone tablet but also, nowadays, you can choose from online games, video games, games for your Apple watch and even VR games. The technological innovations in this field have created more space for the development of new and innovative gaming platforms as well as new games.

From all the innovations integrated into the gaming sector, we can see that the Internet had a huge influence on its development. Since the advent of the internet, we have seen the rise of online gaming sites and online games that allow gamers to connect with other users, work as a team or just play their favourite games on the go from their smartphone's browser. Online gaming as we know it today represents a great aspect of the gaming industry which is expected to hit a jaw-dropping net worth of $321 billion by 2026.

The only downside of the fast development of the giving victories is the sheer number of new games that are being made available every single day. To make the journey of finding the right gaming community and the right game easier for you, we have reviewed the best online games for Canadians in 2022.

League of Legends

Although League of Legends was initially launched in 2009, it managed to remain a global phenomenon that captivates gamers even in 2022. League of Legends is a famous multiplayer online battle arena game that has the perfect components for a memorable gaming experience. The game allows you to choose from over 160 champions, join a team and battle other opponents.

You can also fight one-on-one and test your skills in the hopes of bringing victory to your team. It is safe to say that League of Legends has become larger than life with annual championships, multiple matches, new characters, beautiful designs and, of course, exciting gameplay. The main goal is to destroy the Nexus on the territory of the opponent.


Minecraft is another widely popular game that tests the characters' survival instincts and offers a unique opportunity to express your creativity with innovative buildings. The game was originally launched in 2011 and, since then, it has grown to become of the most vibrant gaming communities on a global scale.

The infinite world, as we said, allows you to modify the environment to suit your preferences and build your own creative buildings. Some examples include The Titanic, Imperial Summer Palace and Westeros Craft, as well as many unique skyscrapers, houses and cottages.

There are several modes to choose from; if you are interested more in survival mode, there is also an option to test your own limits against wild creatures and angry mobs while trying to survive with limited resources.

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is an action-adventure game with sandbox elements created by Rockstar Games in 2019, and it serves as the online counterpart of the legendary Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Online allows the players to explore the open world from both first and third-person perspectives while there is still a lot of action as you are able to chase down bounties, discover hidden treasures, hunt and, ultimately, maintain the character's moral rating.

The world is visited by millions of other players and it features exquisite details and outstanding visuals. Red Dead Redemption is also famous for its poker games and high-quality interactive gambling sessions.

Back to Read Dead redemption online, it's a perfect option if you're a fan of the previous instalments and you want to interact and connect with other fans of the game, but it's also a great choice when you are looking to get involved in an interactive and visually immersive setting of the Wild West.

Overcooked 2

Nothing tests your friendships as a fast-paced game set in a kitchen. It is an online multiplayer game with amazing visuals, animations and out–of–this–world kitchens in the Onion Kingdom. If you find the pace of the game overwhelming, then you will be glad to know that Assist mode exists and provides a slower recipe timeout and even an option to skip levels.

You can play in a group of two or four other players and not only prepare but also serve the dishes. Overcooked has won multiple awards, which is proof that the game is truly outstanding, and a great option if you are not a fan of any action or first-person shooter games but you still want to have fun with your friends. You can play Overcooked 2 on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation, among other devices.

Online Poker and slots

If you find poker games interesting and you want to take your gameplay a step further, then you will be glad to know that there are online casinos for Canadians.

The best online casinos offer a variety of casino games, such as poker, roulette, slots, and craps, in many variations. Casino games have proven to be an entertaining pastime for a lot of players as they are easily accessible online, and there are also optimised for mobile devices, so you can actually try your luck with different casino games on the go. Otherwise, make sure to take a look at the security of the casino sites. It is important for the safety of your personal data to only create accounts on licensed and regulated casino sites.


In conclusion, playing games online it's easy nowadays in Canada. There is a plethora of options suitable for all kinds of players, from simple puzzle games, sprot-themed games with famous footballers, to intricate online battle area games designed to capture your attention regardless of your preferences. But one thing is for sure; they are created with the purpose of offering an interactive gaming experience with cutting-edge graphics and animations. Furthermore, with the deployment of 5G technology and the rise of mobile technology, we expect online gaming to become an even more prominent aspect of the gaming sector on a global scale.

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