Washing machine buying guide: Things to know

A washing machine is one of the most complicated purchases and the biggest investment. As the market is flooded with the styles and designs of washing machines with well-managing features and smart innovations. That’s why it may not be easy to look for a washing machine that best fits your needs and requirements.

Don’t worry! If you’re a buyer and aren't aware of the technicalities and features of the washing machine. This guide is for you. In this guide, you’ll explore different types of washing machines according to the categories, the most popular colours i.e. black and silver washing machine, load capacity, and what things to consider when buying a washing machine. Moreover, you’ll get to know whether a small washing machine is an appropriate choice for a small-spaced area or not.

Category 1: Location and Design

Freestanding washing machine

The freestanding washing machine is the simplest type and is commonly used by people. They don’t need any integrated installation. Simply put, they are standalone. For students’ apartments or small-spaced areas, this installation is not ideal yet expensive. There are no limitations to placing this washing machine. You can install it wherever you want unless you have a direct connection to the power.

Integrated washing machine

The integrated washing machine can be integrated into the laundry room and mostly, its space is an undercounter and a cabinet. The placement depends upon the layout of the laundry room and your requirements for the style you need. The biggest plus of this type is you can cover the machine with a door that seamlessly gives a streamlined look to your area.

Washer and dryer combo

The washer-dryer combo is not a type of washing machine with a separate washer and dryer. Instead, it has a washer and dryer in one drum. As they are neither trendy nor known by most people, it is used by people with small homes and apartments.

Category 2: Loading type

Front-load washing machine

If you want to do several washes quickly, this option is ideal for you as it has a large drum in which you can wash large clothes and objects easily without reducing its cleaning power. Moreover, these washing machines use less water in every spin and are energy-efficient.

A Black washing machine as a front loader is the perfect choice for your house if it can seamlessly align with the home decor.

Top load washing machine

As the name implies, you can load the washing machine’s drum from the top. The washing cycles are quicker. These types are not so expensive. The controlling screen is very simple and clear. Everyone can use it as ease-of-use for this machine is preferred. If you’re putting many clothes in one wash, this washing machine will not work properly.

Category 3: Operating technology


Automatic washing machines are mostly used by people as they automate the washing and drying cycle themselves. You just have to select the controls you want to imply i.e. wash or wash & dry. Put water, surf, and clothes in the drum and select the required controls. The machine will work efficiently from washing to drying.


In the semi-automatic washing machine, all the processes are the same. The only difference between automatic and semi-automatic is after washing the clothes, the machine checks whether the clothes should be sent for drying or not.

Washing machine’s load capacity

Washing machine load capacity is always defined in terms of drum capacity. The length and width of a washing machine don’t matter. The drum depth is the only measurement factor in the load capacity. It is measured in kg.

When we talk about a 10kg washing machine, it doesn’t imply the whole weight of a machine. It means that a drum’s load capacity is 10kg i.e. 10kg of dry clothes can be washed at a time.

Things to consider when buying a washing machine

When buying a washing machine, different factors must be taken into account. Think of them or make a checklist. If all the required factors are found in one washing machine, then it may be ideal for your laundry room.


As explained above, the capacity of the washing machine is the drum load capacity. The washing machine is available from 5kg to over 20kg capacity, which means you can find the right size washing machine, from the portable washing machine to large-sized machines.

Cycle time

Cycle time depends upon the types of washing machine, number of clothes put at one time, and water. If the machine is top load with a 5-6kg load capacity, then it will be faster than a front load washing machine with a 9kg load capacity. Moreover, in the washer-dryer combo, cycle time is affected by drying time. The front-load washer-dryer combo will require more drying time than a top-load washer-dryer combo. It is because the front load washing machine uses more water and the drying machine dries the clothes in more time.


If you’re a noise-sensitive person, then don’t go for front loaders as they make more noise than top loaders. This may be a huge concern if your laundry is near to your living space, so think about it when making your purchase. You can compare the noise level by reading reviews on appliance retailers. Reviews will help you in making better decisions.

Your space

Your space available for installing a washing machine also affects your choices. If you’ve set them under the counter or cabinet for installation, then go for fully-integrated washing machines. If your consideration is a laundry room without installation space, then go for freestanding washing machines. How much space is available also plays an important role in deciding space constraints that can make you buy a small washing machine or an 18kg washing machine.

Child locks

Child lock features are available in the washing machine for the safety of children. It can be “you can’t open the door during its working”, “a control panel setting that can’t be changed”, or “you can’t open the door when it is not activated”. This feature is for front loaders.

If you’re worried about the youngsters messing up with a washing machine, get a fully-integrated washing machine or an extra gate for laundry.

Ease of use

Ease of use is the top-most concern for all the buyers coming to the market. So, make a checklist or ask different questions that might affect your convenience i.e. Is the labelling on the controls easy to understand? Is it simple and easy to set up the program variety? Is it equipped with the functionality I demand? Can I surely use all of the high-end model's flashy functionalities? Is it simple to wash the lint filtration system? Is it simple to use bleach and cloth dispensers?

If the answer to all these questions is YES, then buy the washing machine.

Fabulous features to look for

Apart from the basic factors and features, current washing machines have an overwhelming number of functions and technological advancements. Many washing machines are coming up with the amazing features that buyers wish to have in their washing machines. As they align with the convenience of the user, they are also expensive.

Automatic dispensers

Some washing machines feature the pouring of cleanser, bleach, and washing powder at specific moments i.e. automatic dispensers. Some machines can store enough detergent to last several weeks. This feature is not necessary but can be beneficial if you’re getting one.

Automatic temperature control

Auto temperature control regulates the water to the ideal temperature for the specified option, rather than merely mingling hot and cold water in predetermined quantities. Most washing machines have 5 control options i.e. eco-cold, cold, cool, warm, and hot. From these 5 settings, you can select whatever suits you and let the washing machine automatically control the temperature.

Stainless steel drum

The stainless steel tub is currently standard over most machines. It can sustain faster spinning rates than plastic, allowing it to absorb more water and save drying time.

Extra rinse cycle

Modern washing machines require significantly less water than they did previously. The majority of modern machines feature an additional wash cycle. In this cycle, all the leftover detergent, extra stains, and hair are removed.

Highly-rated brands for buying washing machines

Beko, Currys, Indesit, bosch, Hotpoint, and Samsung washing machines are the popular and highly-reviewed brands on ReviewsBird. Beko washing machines come in a range of features and capacities with quick spin time and drying time. Currys washing machine deals are unmissable as they sell affordable and amazing washers and dryers.

Read online shopping reviews for other brands also. Maybe the washing machine that you’re looking for is not available in the above-mentioned brands.

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