Is a 10kg washing machine the perfect size for you?

With the availability of different designs and styles in the market, the washing machine comes in different shapes and sizes. To fulfil the exact requirements and needs, it is important to take into account the right size of the drum when selecting a washing machine.

What does it mean when we say “9kg washing machine”?

First of all, you should know that when we measure a washing machine in kgs, it doesn’t imply the overall weight of the washing machine. Basically, kg refers to the weight which the washing machine’s drum can bare at one spin.

In short, the number of clothes that a washing machine can efficiently and smoothly wash at a time.

What size of the washing machine is appropriate for you?

Choosing the right size depends upon a number of factors including the washing machine’s capacity, laundry’s weight, the frequency with which the washing machine will be used and the number of times the washing machine will be operated. Moreover, also decide when is the best time to buy the washing machine.

Do you want to get a silver washing machine that best fits your home decor? Even if it is the case, don’t forget to check the size guide. Consider the size guide explained below to make the best purchasing decision:

Remember this: 1kg of laundry = 3 T-shirts or 1 shirt.

5kg washing machine

5kg washing machine is ideal for only two persons and is a portable washing machine which easily fits apartments or small-sized houses. This size of the washing machine can easily wash;

• 15 T-shirts

• 2 shirts, 1 jeans

• 2 towels, 1 bedsheet, and 2 pillow covers

6kg washing machine

6kg washing machine is an ideal option for 3-4 family members. It is also a compact size and it can easily fit small spaced areas. This size of the washing machine can easily wash;

• 20 T-shirts

• 2 shirts, 2 denim jeans

• 4 towels, 1 bedsheet, and 2 pillow covers

7kg washing machine

7kg washing machine is also an ideal option for 4-5 family members. It depends upon the type of washing machine you want i.e. freestanding or fully integrated which decides whether it is suitable for a small spaced area or not. Gearbest is an online shop which sells amazing freestanding and fully-integrated 7kg washing machines. This size of the washing machine can easily wash;

• 35 T-shirts

• 2 shirts, 4 denim jeans

• 5 towels, 2 bedsheets, and 2 pillow covers

8kg washing machine

8kg washing machine is an ideal option for those who live with one more family. This size of the washing machine can easily wash;

• 40 T-shirts

• 3 shirts, 3 denim jeans

• 8 towels, 3 pillow covers, and 2 bedsheets

9kg washing machine

9kg washing machine is a big unit which can have smart features that you can enjoy with extra convenience and ease including smartphone application. This size of the washing machine can easily wash;

• 45 T-shirts

• 3 shirts, 4 jeans

• 8 towels, 4 pillow covers, and 3 bedsheets

10kg washing machine

Basically, a 10kg washing machine is a good option for the large-sized family as it is a heavy duvet. This size of the washing machine can easily wash;

• 50 T-shirts

• 4 shirts, 3 jeans

• 7 towels, 6 pillow covers, and 3 bedsheets

All the above-mentioned sizes are available in different types i.e. automated, integrated, freestanding, front load, and top load. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all these types in different sizes, then go for Klarstein. This online sells home appliances at affordable rates.

Where to buy the best washing machine?

Nowadays, the online reviews on kitchen appliance retailers by different customers made it easier to choose the brand and its product. If the products and services of a brand are satisfying and up to the mark, the customers will leave positive opinions and comments helping you to make your decision. The most popular online shop that sells Beko 10kg washing machine, Hoover 10kg washing machine, Hotpoint washing machine and 10kg washing machine LG at affordable prices is Bargain Fox. With this shop, you can enjoy big deals and discounts on kitchen and home appliances.

By Mo