Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him: 7 Tips

February is the month wives usually search for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for husbands. It is a month to express love beyond 14th February alone.

Guys also want the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Even companies have inculcated this trend into their culture by offering little gifts to their staff members or throwing Valentine’s Day bashes to appreciate and celebrate their staff. Isn’t that what love means - celebrating and appreciating the people that add value to our lives. February 14th is the one day this is most amplified worldwide.

Let’s look at great ways and ideas to give a valentines day gift for husband.

1. How About a New Phone?

It’s a known fact that men love gadgets a lot. Getting him a new phone is sweet. Telecom companies often have offers and promos during the love month. You can check reviews of online telecom companies such as this one on Fonehouse to know where best to get a mobile device that your man will love.

In the early hours on Valentine’s Day, just before he wakes up, sneak the packaged phone underneath his pillow. Enjoy the surprise and joy on his face as he opens it.

2. Take Him Shopping

Make this Valentine’s Day gift for your husband a shopping spree. Take him out to fashion stores. There are many popular men's fashion stores known for their high-end fashion pieces dripping with comfort and style. Let all these three elements drip from the shoulders to the feet of your man. Spoil him silly.

You can read about online fashion brands such as these Zavetti reviews to learn more about them.

3. Surprise Him By Fulfilling a Wish

What is the one thing your spouse wishes to have or do? Or the one place they want to visit or go to? You can blow their minds by bringing this wish to reality for them.

Could it be front row tickets seats to their favourite opera, football game, music concert? Or a holiday trip they have been dreaming of? Just make it happen.

4. Make Him a Gift Box

Since you know your husband's taste, you can make a gift box for him yourself. Gather his favourite items and put them all in a valentines gift box. Think from the angle of his profession, hobbies and so on. A lawyer uses notepads and pens, same with doctors.

Look at the things he frequently uses at the office and customise them with his initials on them. Mix and match based on what you know he likes. Think of his favourite colours as you gather your items. You could have someone deliver it to him at work or have it waiting for him at home or even early in the morning before he leaves for work.

5. Take Him Out for Lunch at His Favourite Restaurant

Treat your spouse to either lunch or dinner at his favourite restaurant, serving the dishes he loves the most. You could ask that the restaurant give you a special area to enjoy your privacy and truly have him enjoy the moment with you.

6. Buy Sports Merchandise

If your husband is a sportsperson and loves team sports especially, you have the perfect gift for him. Get his favourite team’s sports merchandise for him.

Buy jerseys, head warmers, hats, wristbands and the like. You can have them customised with his name on some of these items. You just found cool personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for him. You can check reviews sites like for independent reviews of sports shops like Teamzo, to learn more about where to buy sports merchandise.

7. Check Online Stores

Most stores have online versions that make customers see and reach them faster. They are termed web stores or webshops. Many of them have unique Valentine’s Day package suggestions from hampers to a day at the spa. Reading reviews will help you choose who to patronise.

Choosing to give your man a day at the spa, followed by treating him to a nice romantic dinner, are awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Or they could help you choose the best gift based on your spouse’s likes and wants.

Browse through a host of them and read webshops reviews in UK to choose the best stores to shop from.


Implementing the above ideas will help you give him the best of the love season. You want to demonstrate to him how much you appreciate him and ensure that each gift is all about him and the love you two share.

By Mo