Factors to Consider Before Getting a Small Microwave

Size is one of the main factors many people consider when shopping for a microwave. If you are reading this article, you have probably decided to buy a mini microwave for your kitchen or office.

A small microwave might not match the kitchen needs of a large family. Imagine your kids running late for school in the morning, and you can't heat a large dish at once because of the microwave size.

However, this is not always a disadvantage. If you are a student with limited kitchen space or needs, or you need a small microwave for a caravan, office, or summer house, a mini microwave is a perfect and budget-friendly solution. You can browse through online store reviews to find the best deals available.

Getting the perfect small microwave largely depends on your needs. This article will explore some factors you should consider when shopping for a mini microwave.

Exterior Size

When people think about microwave size, they are concerned about its exterior dimensions.

The exterior dimensions determine whether a microwave would fit into a cabinet

, microwave shelf, or take up counter space. So, if you already have allotted space for the microwave, the first thing you must do is measure the dimensions so that you can get the perfect fit.

Cooking Capacity

The cooking capacity determines the dish size that your microwave can accommodate. A mini microwave might be excellent for small spaces, but it would be inconvenient to use if it is too small that it can not accommodate a dinner plate. Microwaves with small cooking capacity are best for offices as workers barely have time for elaborate meals. If you are a student, you should aim for a microwave that measures at least 0.7 cubic feet in interior capacity.

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Wattage is a critical metric in evaluating the performance of a microwave. The more the wattage, the more heat from the microwave, and the faster it cooks. Most small microwave ovens are not designed for intensive cooking tasks, so they usually fall within the 600 - 700 watt range. This mark is satisfactory if you don't intend to grill or roast with your microwave. But if you want to do more, you should set your sights on small microwaves rated 1000-watt and above.

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Additional Features

Small microwave ovens may not top the charts in exciting features, but they still manage to pull some weight. Most manufacturers add some cool features to mini microwaves, so it all boils down to what you want. When shopping for a small microwave, look for those with features that best suit your kitchen needs.


Small microwave ovens are generally cheaper than larger models

, but the prices vary depending on their size, wattage, and extra features. You only need to ensure that you place quality over a low price. Browse appliance stores like Klarstein for affordable deals.

Final Words

A mini microwave can be an excellent choice for many reasons. It allows you to save kitchen space and some cash in your wallet. The points in this article will help you appreciate factors to consider when shopping for the best mini microwave for you. Ready to get that small black microwave? Check out online webshops like High Street TV to get one.

By Mo