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Hyundai Power Equipment

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About Hyundai Power Equipment

Hyundai Power Equipment is a garden machinery manufacturer founded by its parent company, Genpower LTD, founded in 2006 by Lisa Llewellin and Roland Llewellin. The subsidiary wholesaler was officially established in 2007 when the Korean-based Hyundai corporation awarded them an arrangement to become the significant merchant of the Hyundai Power Equipment, overturning the more well-known United Kingdom (UK) location, making them profitable for 14 years. The Korean-based Hyundai corporation picked the company because of its extensive experience designing, reinforcing, and sustaining power products. The vision of Hyundai Power Equipment is to continue supplying robust and high-quality generators, lawnmowers, and compressors to homeowners and small businesses to ensure that customers are entirely satisfied.

Products and Services of Hyundai Power Equipment

Hyundai Power Equipment offer gasoline generators ranging from 1 to 10 kilowatts and diesel generators ranging from 5 to 100 kilowatts. Furthermore, they provide gasoline water syphons, air blowers, nursery hardware, and an additional guaranteed maintenance plan to cover all of their products. Furthermore, the organisation keeps extra components for its equipment on hand in an emergency. Hyundai Power Equipment caters to everyone with a rigid and solid machine requirement to make everyday errands easier, from homeowners who may require a lawnmower or pool syphon to small businesses that need skilled air blowers for their structure units and various sizes of generators for blackouts. In addition, the company provides its customers with a variety of safety awareness missions. These cover all aspects of dealing with hardware as specified by the Hyundai Power Products company. They promote awareness of safety in carbon monoxide, generator security, fire and explosion hazards, and electrical hazards.

Additional Services of Hyundai Power Equipment

Hyundai Power Equipment offers transport and delivery inside the UK. Generally, the company deploys according to the weight of the shipment. It provides a 1-3 working day hanging tight time for items weighing less than 70 kilos and a 2-5 working day duration for those considering more than that. Furthermore, returns and refunds are subject to 30 days, and spontaneous returns are authorised as long as they are completed by 2 p.m., the state of the item upon return, and a 5% fee for the retransfer and restocking of returned items. If you experience any issues and would like to request customer support from Hyundai Power Equipment, you can contact them directly via phone or email:


+44 1646 687 880


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