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GX Pillows

Everyone takes pillows for granted, but they spend much of their life sleeping on them. Gx Pillows has developed a range of pillows to ensure peaceful sleeping at night with maximum support. Potential consumers interested in purchasing a product from Gx Pillows should read a customer review. The review will allow them to compare products and make the overall decision to support the brand.

About Gx Pillows

Gx Pillows is proudly the UK and was founded because a little girl, Georgia, was knocked down by a car and then airlifted to a hospital to have an operation, resulting in her being in a coma. Georgia could not sleep well at night, no matter the pillow she used. Her mom has a domestic product and furniture design background, so she decided to help develop something for her daughter. The pillow designed had internal ties, ensuring the filling stays in place and therefore does not go flat like other pillows. As a result, her daughter could sleep peacefully at night again. Friends and family heard about the design and how good it was. So the Gx Pillow was now born. The brand name Gx comes from the founder's little girl. Whenever she wrote a card or letter to her mom, she signed it with her initial G and an x for a kiss.

Products and Services of Gx Pillows

Gx Pillows offers different pillows to consumers. The Gx Suspension Pillow is where the connections are positioned to cradle the head and neck. The Gx Support Pillow provides firmer support to the back and shoulders by using more substantial ties. The Like Down Pillow offered by them is made of goose feathers but is more affordable. Finally, the Wonder Cooler Pillow and undersheet have higher thermal conductivity, so the fabric feels cool to the touch. In addition to these items, the brand sells 100% Percale Cotton bed linen.

Additional Products and Services offered by Gx Pillows

Gx Pillows come with a 30-day money-back comfort guarantee. Furthermore, one can sign up for a newsletter to receive information on the latest products and specials. On social media, one can follow the brand. Payment Methods: Amex, PayPal, Maestro, MasterCard, VISA, GooglePay, ApplePay and more are accepted. Gx Pillows has been featured in The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Times, ITV 3 and more. A frequently asked questions and answers section is provided on the website. However, if one does not find their query, they can contact customer services via an online message portal or social media platforms.

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Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Gx Pillows

Have you purchased a product from Gx Pillows before? Were you satisfied with it? Did the pillow remain firm for a long period, or did it go flat? Have you subscribed to the newsletter? What type of content do they email? Leave a customer review about your experience with the brand or their products. Your feedback will not only help potential customers decide on a product, but it will also help the company. Companies use reviews to understand how the public perceives them. It also acts as a tool so they can see where their weaknesses lie and improve them for the future.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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