What Christmas food is most popular this year?

Are you looking to spice up your Christmas dinner with various cuisines? These days, many people like to order in and not stress too much about planning a Christmas meal. Luckily, quite a few supermarkets in the UK offer ready-made or pre-cooked meals to ease your stress. In addition, websites like the ReviewsBird offers great insight into various supermarkets in the UK and what you can expect from them regarding food and drinks. So keep reading to learn more and find the best Christmas food deals!

What Christmas food can you expect in the UK?

As most consumers can gauge, only some have the same idea about food dishes, especially for Christmas lunch and dinner. Every family has a different approach based on culture and diet, and with that comes other traditions. For example, most British Christmas dishes consist of a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes. During the season, expect your British friends to dish out their favourite versions of classics like mince pies, a sugary pastry filled with dried fruit or minced meats; Roast ham, usually garnished with seasonal fruits; Cumberland sausages, which are lightly herbed; Yorkshire puddings, made from flour and eggs; and Christmas pudding, normally served after the main course. For something more creative and innovative, rich stews made from turkey or roast beef also appear on family tables. If you come from a baking-loving family, bring your favourites, such as gingerbread cookies or deliciously buttery shortbread.

Supermarkets In The UK Where You Can Order The Best Christmas Food

While there is a wide range of different Christmas food to order on supermarket shelves in the UK, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are some of the major supermarkets in the UK that offer the best selection of Christmas food. Keep reading to discover what they will have on their shelves during Christmas.

What to expect from M&S Christmas Food

Marks and Spencer Christmas food has quite a lot to offer this Christmas time. The top picks for this festive season on M&S Christmas food you can put on your Christmas food menu include the famous star salmon smoked, The seriously tasty stack, top-notch turkey, prized pork, the potato dauphinoise, and the sausage roll garland. In addition, M&S Christmas offers caterpillar cake, crackling chocolate logs, and chocolate mousse pine cones on their dessert menu. Each and every one of these sweet or savoury dishes can be ordered on the Marks and Spencer Xmas website, with all prices fixed from the day of order to the day of collection. This way, you can forget restaurants and make sure your family gets a well-thought-out meal this Christmas day!

Waitrose Christmas Food on offer

Waitrose offers a wide range of festive food items with the holiday approaching to make entertaining a breeze this winter. From artisan cheeseboards to premium mince pies, holiday turkeys, gammon, and pigs in blankets, you're sure to find something suitable for any occasion. Their impressive range extends beyond traditional British fare, with vegetarian options, vegan cuisine, and even gluten-free sweet treats available. For dinner parties or large family gatherings, you can order a variety of ready-to-eat dishes from their luxury selection that will impress your guests. However you choose to celebrate this season, Waitrose Christmas food has all your needs covered.

What you can get among Sainsbury's Christmas Food

Sainsbury’s has more than enough to offer you this Christmas time. Sainsbury's Christmas food comes on special in bundles, from turkey centrepieces, gravy, and sauces to stuffing and trimmings. In addition, you can find spiced lardons, a mushroom & chestnut roast mix, and potato dauphinoise. On the other hand, for dessert, you will be able to get mince pies, almond panettone, biscuit pudding, cinnamon buns, and Ecclefechan tarts, to name a few. So whether you're looking to cook a gourmet feast or add extra sparkle to the festivities with their selection of fanciful nibbles, Sainsbury's Christmas Food to order has something unique.

Festive Tesco Christmas Food you can order

Tesco Christmas food selection is second to none! So whether you're looking for traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings, vegan pithivier, or a cheeseboard showstopper - you'll be spoilt for choice. With an amazing range of ready-made side dishes, desserts and mains, there's something to tantalise everyone's taste buds this Christmas. Enjoy hearty winter favourites like Pigs in Blankets and Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls, or try something new with exciting dishes such as Turkey Tikka Masala and Gammon with Apricot & Plum Sauce. Tesco Christmas food has also thought ahead, stocking up on your favourite party classics like sausage rolls and mini quiches - brilliant for last-minute guests. So get your Tesco Christmas food to order now to ensure your feast is bigger and better than ever, and you’ll find some Tesco Christmas gifts too!

How to Get Creative with Christmas Party Food

Christmas is a time to get creative with party planning and creating a festive atmosphere. So if you're seeking culinary inspiration for your Christmas gathering, why not try something unique apart from the usual snacks and drinks?

Christmas Party Food Ideas

Get inspired by mixing traditional dishes with new ones – you could serve classics like mini mince pies and scones with turkey and cranberry Cream Cheese. Dips are always an easy option for party food; consider a fun twist on the classic guacamole, like introducing roasted pumpkin in it! Or if you want to give guests something sweet, why not bring out an array of homemade treats, from gingerbread men to snowman-shaped chocolates? You don't need to master complicated recipe techniques or have a gourmet kitchen to whip up delicious snacks that everyone will love – just have some fun while crafting creative dishes!


After you have read more about the Christmas food specials offered by the supermarkets, as mentioned above, are you ready to get into the Christmas spirit and prepare for your Christmas lunches and Christmas dinners? While there is no set of rules to Christmas eats, certain flavours, textures, and ingredients come up year after year as some of the top favourites. From baking spiced pies to exchanging cookies with friends and family, the joys of having festive food to share during this special season will be remembered for years. So stick to your favourite recipes or experiment with new tastes - either way, you can make your holiday special!

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