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Guessing outcomes using multiple factors can get overwhelming because many variables exist, such as how many races a horse has won, how shiny the coat is, whether the neck is nicely arched, and the horse's age. This is why many people use online programs to make calculated decisions. Reading over the review page on the website can give you a clear insight into how accurate the programme is.

About FormGenie

Founded in 2006, FormGenie Horseracing Software has created a programme to help subscribers make informed decisions regarding horses. Unfortunately, doing these calculations by hand isn't as effective and time efficient. Therefore, the company grew and became a brilliant cross-platform web app that helps consumers predict horse racing results using a subscription-based platform.

Products and Services of FormGenie

Predicting horse race outcomes isn't 100%, although, according to FormGenie, 30% of races are won by SP favourites, indicating some predictability in horse racing. FormGenie analysed 1 million races to determine what other factors are important to consider. Such as speeds of the horses, high form ratings, the horse's weight, the jockey, trainer and horse-type combinations. There are five subscriptions: Day pass, weekender, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The only difference among these packages is when their results are released to the subscriber. Annual Gold subscribers receive their ratings at 8 P.M. the night before the Race. Bronze subscribers receive their results the morning of the races at 10:30. Silver receives theirs at 9:30 A.M., and Gold at 6:30 A.M. Annual Gold members get first to pick on the best odds. You can operate this programme on your phone, tablet, PC or MAC. The income you make from gambling profit is Tax-free. The FormGenie-Bot is another feature of the programme. This will submit Betfair Exchange bets based on your own set of rules or pre-set profiles created by FormGenie.

Additional Services of FormGenie

Future profits cannot be guaranteed. However, if the fast results on the home page of FormGenie are different or misleading to the ratings provided, they will issue a full refund. In addition, FormGenie offers troubleshooting guidelines for certain problems that may be faced when using the programme. For example, you may get an anti-virus warning when installing the programme, or you might be unable to unpack the zip file. You have to click allow, as your anti-virus is overly cautious in these cases. Another error message you may experience is called a red status report. There is a table available for troubleshooting on the website with the red status and steps on how to fix it. Some messages you may encounter are Race omitted, Race Omitted: X Previous Races not Settled, Race Omitted: A Runner(s) < Min Back Price of X and Race Omitted: Dutch Selection(s) < Min Dutch Price of X. If you have any other questions you can contact FormGenie at:
Telephone: 0800 2425221

Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for FormGenie

Have you used or are using FormGenie's services? Have you made any profits since joining them? Is the FormGenie-Bot feature effective, as it exchanges bets on your behalf? How successful have you been using it? Do you have a clear advantage when purchasing the Gold membership instead of the other cheaper ones? Have your profits been worth the losses you have experienced? Whether you have had a bad or good experience, leave a customer review on the website to give feedback to other customers.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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