The 3 Best Beer Fridges Available in 2022

Who doesn’t love beer? We definitely do! A cold one with the boys (and girls!) While you discuss world politics and other rowdy topics really is a huge mood booster.

That’s why most bars are always full of people all day until they eventually close. However, you may not always have time to go to a bar for drinks due to your busy schedule.

So how to solve this conundrum? That’s simple, bring the bar to you with an amazing beer fridge!

And luckily for you, you won’t even have to look that hard as we’ve already done that for you and ranked 3 of the best beer fridges available today in the article below.

These have been ranked on the basis of price, capacity and beauty, so don’t worry because we’ve thought of everything.

Let’s get straight into it.

The Top 3 Beer Fridges Available Today

1. RCA RFR32 BLACK Mini Refrigerator

Don’t like digging around in your fridge past the ketchup and mayo to find that cold brew? The RCA RFR32 has got you covered!

This conventional mini beer fridge can hold up to 100 cans of your favorite drink and it's small enough to not take too much space in your home.

On top of that, its simple but elegant black color makes it look attractive anywhere you place it. It’s also the perfect choice for someone who wants to remain under budget as it’s available for the low price of $180-$190.

Bonus features of this amazing looking undercounter beer fridge include a reversible door, an adjustable thermostat and an efficient cooling compressor.

However, the biggest plus point of this particular beer fridge is that it consumes a lot less power than the other more standard size fridges.

So, if you’re someone who can enjoy a cold brew regardless of the time of day, then this fridge is perfect for you.

2. Wine Enthusiast Evolution Wine & Beverage Center

The wine enthusiast evolution series is without a doubt one of the best beer fridges you can get your hands on.

The only reason it’s not at the top of the list is because it's a little pricey due to it being a beverage center and not just your average small beer fridge.

With dimensions of 18.75’’x 17’’x25.5’’ it is the smallest beverage center we could find.

However, contrary to its size it can still store up to 86 cans of your preferred brew, which is even more than some of the larger fridges going around in the market these days.

The biggest positive though is that it's absolutely gorgeous to look at with its transparent doors, LED temperature display and shiny black color.

The wine enthusiast doesn’t hold back in terms of functionality either as it comes with adjustable wire racks and a state of the art cooling system.

Those who love both beer and wine equally and are not too concerned with spending a few more bucks would love this fridge.

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3. Lanbo 30 Inch Wine and Beverage Cooler

Last but not least, we have yet another beverage cooler, this time from Lanbo. However, unlike the previous one, this one’s quite large to be called a mini fridge.

But it’s 50-50 style is really appealing and makes it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye which is the major reason why we included it in the list.

In terms of style, this is our favorite and once you take a look at it yourself you may start feeling the same way.

Furthermore, just like most modern beverage coolers and larder fridges, it comes with reversible glass doors and adjustable wire racks and wine shelves.

Moreover, its separate compartments for beer and wine makes it the most organized fridge on the list as well.

The best feature of the Lanbo 30-inch beverage cooler by far though is the ability to set two different temperatures at once, one for the wine and the other for the beer.

A couple of drawbacks that you’ll have to deal with though are the huge price tag and high amount of power consumption.

But for a beauty like this we’re sure you’ll manage! So if you’re thinking which store would now be the best to buy these fridges then you can read reviews about Knees Home Electrical and Tecobuy to decide for yourself!


So there you have it boys and girls, that was our list of the best beer fridges in 2022.

As you can see we made sure to include something for everyone and the price of fridges gradually increased as we went further down the list.

Which is exactly how we intended it to go because in our mind the best fridges are still those that are easily affordable.

Nevertheless, we hope we included your favorite on the list and if you didn’t have one, gave you all the information you need to pick one out for yourself.

By Mo