The Top 3 Larder Fridges Available in 2022

Day by day more and more people have started to opt for larder fridges rather than the standard fridge freezers mainly because of the lower power consumption and larger fridge space.

Furthermore, fridge compressor technology has advanced to such an extent that the newest larder fridges can cool items faster and with more intensity.

Which has removed the need for freezers entirely. But the question still remains: which larder fridges should you get?

Well, to answer that question we’ve come up with a list of the 3 best larder fridges in the market today.

Under counter larder fridges are all the rage these days so the majority of this list will be under counter mini fridges.

So, without wasting any more time, let's get right into the list.

The 3 Best Larder Fridges Available Today

1. Cookology Freestanding Undercounter Larder Fridge

The first on the list is this Cookology freestanding white and black fridge freezer that comes with an elegant design

Cookology has certainly made a name for themselves in recent times with their functional, beautiful and power saving larder fridges and this freestanding fridge is no different.

Furthermore, even though it is built like an under counter fridge, it’s surprisingly spacious from the inside due to it being 55cm deep.

The inside consists of strong removable glass shelves, wire racks on the door to store essentials like milk and eggs, and different compartments for fruits and vegetables.

In terms of energy consumption, it’s one of the best in the business as it just uses 117 kwH of energy throughout the calendar year.

The fridge won’t disrupt your day to day activities with its noise either as it’s noise level is rated at 39dB which almost makes it whisper-quiet and thus, excellent for small flats or college dorm rooms.

To sum up, if you’re someone who wants no freezer and all the functionality of a regular fridge in a mini fridge, this is the fridge for you.

2. Lec L5017W 50cm Undercounter Larder Fridge

The second of our under counter fridges is this gorgeous glossy white colored under counter larder fridge from LEC.

LEC is one of the only brands right now that’s competing with Cookology when it comes to larder fridges and their newest larder fridge is proof of that.

When it comes to features, the L5017W does not lag behind any unit and possesses the features expected from a high profile larder fridge.

These include, a 110 liter capacity which is by far the most we’ve seen in under counter fridges, a 39 dB noise rating which makes it one of the quietest fridges to exist and an A+ energy rating.

The A+ energy rating is especially impressive and will help you reduce your electricity bills greatly. All in all, it’s a great unit if you want to save up on energy and want increased storage capacity.

3. Beko 252 Liter Tall Freestanding Larder Fridge

Under the counter fridges are great and everything but there are some of us who just enjoy everything bigger and to those people we present the Beko tall freestanding larder fridge.

Available in sleek looking metallic silver color, the Beko larder fridge is a marvel of frost free compressor technology and will keep your food cold for months at a time without you having to manually defrost it.

Moving on to its storage capabilities, the tall larder fridge has a capacity of 252 liters with removable glass shelves and a bottom wine wire rack which can store 2 liter soft drink bottles with ease.

Inside the door are wire racks for groceries such as eggs and bread. Finally, the fridge is complete with interior LED lighting that makes finding food easier and an adjustable thermostat.

As a bonus, the Beko larder fridge has an A+ energy rating, so that’s something you should definitely consider.

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Final Thoughts

Larder fridges have been slowly but surely taking over from regular freezer fridges and with under counter larder fridges being available now as well, the time of mini fridge freezers is nigh.

Still, selecting the right larder fridge according to your requirements is extremely important and pretty difficult to do considering how many of these bad boys are readily available right now.

Hopefully, we’ve provided a viable option to you through our list or at the very least provided you with enough information to make a more informed decision of your own.

By Mo