Bed sheet 101: All the basics you need to know

Before buying a bed sheet, always make sure that you are investing in a worthy material and amazing colour to feel great. Your purchase should last for a long!

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Following are the highly-informative topics that we have covered in this guide;

➞ Choose the right fabric
➞ Kind of weaves
➞ Flat vs. fitted bed sheets
➞ Value the thread count
➞ Measure the size of the bed
➞ Consider your sleeping tastes
➞ Additional tips to perfectly shape the bed

Read this full guide to decide what exactly you want!

Choose appropriate fabric

The most-loved material for sheets is cotton because it is durable, soft, and possesses high breathability. They don't get wrinkles easily and are a good choice for people having sensitive skin. However, other than cotton the linen fabric is also popular and known to be hypoallergenic. Natural linen bedding aids people in enjoying bacteria-resistant, evaporating, moisture absorbing, and ventilating capabilities bedsheets and delivers peaceful sleep.

Kinds of weaves

Cotton is spun into woven and thread into varied categories of fabrics like flannel, percale, and sateen.


If you want to enjoy plushness, then soft weave having warm and cosy traits is something you need and that is heavy flannel. Flannel is usually created of cotton though can also be created from synthetic fibres or wool.


Cool and crisp percale is characterised by a comfortable feel as it is ultra-breathable and good for every weather.


Sateen is a luxurious cotton fabric that sends out a fine glow that is graceful. It is a wrinkle-resistant and excellent choice for bed sheets. However, satin sheets are different from sateen and are made from nylon, polyester or silk. Satin bed sheets deliver a special touch with a blend of coolness and softness.

Satin is appropriate for warmer summer nights because it is cool silk, revitalises the skin, and protects it from getting overly damp or warm.

Flat vs fitted bed sheet

The fitted bedsheet is utilised on the bottom and contains corners. Periodically sides are rigged with elastic while flat bed sheets are utilised for the top and are rectangular in shape.

Value of thread count

The total concentration of threads used in the fabric at a distance of per square inch is known as thread count. It is usually considered that a high concentration of threads implies more delicate yarns. However, weave and fiver quality also matters when you are intending to select bed sheets. The sheets having a thread count of around 300 to 500 are good to pick but do consider making and fibre content.

Thread count impacts two aspects and that is how the material feels and wears. The high and low thread count both can create a problem because a higher extent causes extra smoothness and feel silkier while a lower extent makes the sheets rough and skimpy.

Measure the size of your bed

Prior to starting your quality bedding research, it's critical to determine the precise size of bedding you need for your beds. Choosing the appropriate sheet size involves more considerations than simply knowing whether you want a full, queen, or superking bed sheet.

For the best fitting bed sheets, measure the depth of the mattresses. If your bed has something extra like topper foams or thick pillow-top mattresses, then you will have to look for different bed sheets.

Measuring tips (fitted bed sheet)

Fitted bed sheets do not have a hanging part.

Step 1:

Measure the length, width, and depth of mattresses in inches.

Length: 75-inch, Width: 40-inch, Depth: 3-inch

Step 2:

Add the 2x of the number in length and width by which you’ll insert the part of the bed sheet in the bed and mattress.

Then, note down the measurements and start searching.

If you are looking for a double bed sheet, then you should do the same measurements as done above.

Measuring tips (flat bed sheet)

Flat bed sheets have a hanging part on the three sides of the bed.

Step 1:

Measure the length and width of mattresses in inches.

Length: 75-inch, Width: 40-inch

Step 2:

Add the number by which you want your bedding drop to extend.

Length: 75-inch + 7-inch = 82-inch

Step 3:

Add the 2x of the number by which you want the bed sheet to hand, widthways.

Width: 40-inch x 2(8) = 56-inch

These measurements also apply to the waterproof bed sheet.

Consider your sleeping tastes

You must consider personal factors when deciding to purchase a bed sheet. Some people like to keep their bedding extra soft, while others want to keep it moderate to avoid sweat. Like,

Percale sheets are good for those who want to keep their bedding cool.

A Satin bed sheet is good for people having skin concerns.

Flannel sheets are good for those who want to enjoy instant warmth.

Luxurious bedding

The best materials that bedding stores consider, which have been meticulously chosen, go into making luxury bedding, which provides the best sleeping environment. Long-staple cotton fibres are woven into premium fibres, which are then used to make deluxe sheets of the highest calibre. Although long-staple fibres are essential for the most exquisite feel and long-lasting pleasure, Egyptian cotton is treasured. The ideal fabric mix for luxury bedding is a satiny weave combined with extra-long-staple cotton.

Additional tips to perfectly shape the bed

These tips will help you out in bedding!

If you want to design your room in a unique manner then dressing your bed in a bed skirt will make your bed look fantastic. The best fabric for making a bed skirt is surely linen but it must be of ideal length meaning it should slightly touch the floor.

You can pick a white flat sheet to give your bed a luxurious and simple look; patterned sheets can also be a good option if you want to incorporate colour and appeal to your bed.

Add a coverlet or quilt in natural colour and add a comforter or duvet to deliver an inviting and plush look.

You can use embellishing pillow covers for sleeping covers but the decoration should be some printed flowers or some sort of embroidery so that it does not disturb your sleep. Because decorative stones and pearls won't let you sleep peacefully.

The most important thing that works with a fantastic look to your room and blends in with soothing sleep is surely the perfect bed sheet.

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