A mini-guide to buying a superking bed sheet

If you’re an enthusiast of having an added touch of luxury at home, you might have superking bed. But did you ever wonder if different things must be considered when buying a superking bed sheet? It is not a straightforward task to find the best bed sheet right away. It requires homework!

If you don’t have a super king bed …

Consider upgrading to a superking-size bed to make the most of your side of the mattress. The extra room in this somewhat bigger bed is its finest feature. As a result, there will be fewer midnight brawls about who gets to keep the duvet.

Before diving into the mini-guide, always remember that experienced people give the best advice and suggestion to you. For this, reviewing platforms are doing great where the best bedding webshops are reviewed honestly with transparent points of view and experiences. Don’t forget to read these!

First, get the proper dimensions

Duvet covers (super king size fitted sheet) for super king are 260cm x 220 cm and if you’re looking for the deep fitted bed sheet, it is 180 cm x 200 cm (36 cm deep). Just measure your bed and get the right measurements. You can also buy extra deep super king fitted bed sheets as per your requirements.

These equations will help you;

Mattress length + Mattress depth = Sheet length

Mattress width + (2x Mattress depth) = Sheet width

The different shopping stores have slightly different bed sheet size charts. Before buying, match your measurements with the size chart for the perfect buy.

Get to know about the fabric

For a highly breathable and absorbent sheet, look out for pure cotton, Egyptian cotton, and linen + cotton. For added benefits of wrinkle-resistant, strong, durable, and fast, go for polyester and bamboo cotton.

Grasp the concept of thread count

Thread count is the main element when buying a bed sheet. The most common type of thread counts are;

1. Lighter feel - up to 400 thread count

2. Luxe feel - up to 600 thread count

3. The decadent hand feel - up to 1200 thread count

Find out the weaving thing

Percale and satin are two of the most common weaving techniques used in bed sheets. Make sure you know the difference between them.

For percale, under - one thread; over - one thread.

For satin, under - one thread; over - three threads.

No matter if you’re a side, back, or front sleeper, Woodyatt Curtains will give you the best products from their rebranded bed sheets. Percale and satin, both weaving techniques are used by them.

Do you want a patterned bed sheet?

Patterned bed sheet adds colors to your home. To add some design and complexity to your bedroom decor, couple your selected sheet set with a plain blanket cover. Likewise, match it with a printed bedspread cover for a complementary effect. The most important thing is to remember; Don’t be scared to try new combinations!

Winstons Beds offer patterned bed sheet where sales of quality bedding products attract people to buy.

Tips to make a nice bed

There are some aesthetically pleasing tips to make your super king look like a luxurious hotel-style bed. Layering a super king bed makes it look amazing but it adds a luxury feel when you’ll do a duvet cover with an off-white cotton blanket. Add medium-sized cushions to the pillows. With a white theme, you can add red color cushions and a royal red color cotton blanket with the same style explained above. Satin bed sheet will do wonder if you consider it in this style.

By Mo