The impact of reviews in the food industry

People Need Reviews With Food And Beverage

Why do people need reviews? People want to have an idea of where to get the best products to fill up their pantries. Or the best restaurants to have a great meal. On a date night, the dude has to find the perfect restaurant to take that special girl to. So also a mother who wants her family to eat and drink the best.

People need reviews of food and beverage products from both online and offline sources to get what they want. Reviews of food and beverage products are important to people. Food, after all, helps us to grow and develop both our bodies and minds. Read our article on how you can use reviews to find healthy food delivery services in the UK.

Offline Reviews

Word of mouth is a great source of getting information about stores, restaurants, or cafes that offer the best in food and beverage. When three or four mothers specifically tell another mother how cheap baby food is at a particular store, they are recommending she goes there to get baby food for her child. That is an offline review or word-of-mouth advice.

Some people prefer hearing reviews than going to stores searching for baby food at cheap prices or other things. They like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Rather than from unknown sources whom they can’t see and hope are real.

Online Reviews

Food and beverage companies are now open to online reviews by their customers. These reviews help to introduce new customers to the business, give more exposure, and put them in a pool of competitors where they need to swim well to reach the finish line. Review sites like ReviewsBird have reviews from customers in the UK who have interacted with many different companies on their site. The site is known for honest and reliable reviews and they do all they can to ensure paid reviews don’t make it to their platform. They believe customers should see honest and true reviews about all the companies on their site and make their choice. Customers ought to have access to real and honest reviews about experiences with products, services, or customer experiences of the many different companies on their site.

Fake Reviews

Fake reviews happen a lot both online and offline. Spotting fake online reviews may not be uppermost on people’s minds, not until they have an experience of the place before they know that what they read was a fake review. For word-of-mouth type of reviews, people will likely also follow through with the recommendation to find out if it is true or not. In both ways, the would-be customer has to first experience it or follow through on their gut instincts or read how to spot fake reviews (for online ones). Or someone convinces them it’s fake. Again, how do they know it’s real?

Food and Beverage

Food provides us with the energy and nutrients we need to grow and develop both our minds and bodies. Some beverages offer the same properties food gives us while some are just for relaxation and or social purposes. With food and beverage, we consume and experience them to feel and know what is good or not for us.

Examples of food include rice, wheat, oats, beef, and more. Beverages are divided into two: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholics include tea, malt drinks, milkshakes, and more. Wine, beer, and other spirits are classified as alcoholic drinks. Depending on the choice, people take wine or beer with their meals.

Food And Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry comprises places that handle the production, packaging, preparation, transporting, and serving of food and beverages. They get the food from the production phase to the consumption phase. They get the food to the consumers. These places include, but are not limited to restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, manufacturing plants, food transportation companies, stores that sell food and beverage products, catering firms, delis, and mobile food trucks. The industry employs both the use of manpower and machines in the processing and packaging of the products.

In the UK over 18 million hectares of land are used by the industry. This amount is still not enough to feed the region and more food has to be imported from European nations to balance this need.
Total revenue expected from the industry in 2020 was estimated at 148 billion pounds

Who is a Food And Beverage Manager?

This individual is a professional in the hospitality and tourism business. The person oversees the processes involved in delivering the type and quality of food and beverage taken by customers in a restaurant or hotel. The individual chooses the best products, gets them delivered through the best channels, and has them preserved and prepared in the best way that will make the customers satisfied.

They also are involved in the financial aspects of doing purchases and employing transportation services to get the products from where they are to the hotel or restaurant where they are needed. Also, this person ensures that the kitchen and where food is maintains the highest form of both safety and hygiene regulations as per government standards.

A food and beverage manager position is highly important in places like restaurants and hotels, especially the posh ones as they have a great clientele and expect nothing but the best. An excellent manager knows where to get the best products, gets them at a good price, and gets them transported in great conditions and stored well for use in the kitchen.

This individual needs excellent skills in leadership as there will be people in the department he oversees. From the cooks to the chef and waiter, he or she needs to know how to relate to each professionally. Most hospitality companies have different responsibilities and duties for this person.

Food And Beverage Companies

These companies are involved in some or all the processes involved in food and beverage processing, production, packaging, and distribution. Some food and beverage companies are only involved in transporting finished products to either stores or offices, some in two processes while some do all of the processes. Depending on their profit margin, financial capacity, the strength of their workforce, and other factors.

Why Use a Food Delivery Service?

Food delivery service is often initiated through orders either online or a call. Customers don’t have to leave their homes any longer. Nowadays, apps have been developed to make ordering on-line easier. Food and beverage stores, restaurants, food companies, and others have created apps to simplify the process of ordering food and drinks. These companies have vans, scooters, bikes, and other sources of transportation deployed for such services to meet the needs of their online customers.

Departments for this service have been created and customers can either pay in cash or through bank transfers. What is greatly emphasized in this type of service is the delivery time and quality of the food when it finally gets to the customer. This also can affect the reviews a store, company, or food place gets from its online customers.


How do we talk about food and beverage and not mention restaurants? They are the meeting point between the producers of food and consumers. All they do is prepare it. But they have both the moral and professional obligation to ensure they give their customers the best and expect their suppliers to give them the best of products.

These places of eating are usually looking out for great reviews from their customers. Beyond just making excellent, mouth-watering meals, they also put on their best customer service skills because no good meal can make up for a shocking attitude. They train their staff and employ capable hands if needed all to stay at the top or among the top. For more on this, you can read our article on the review of Customer Friendliness of Restaurants in the UK.

Wine and Beer

Most people wonder why wine and beer are listed under food and beverage. Well, as long as some people like to have a hamburger, beer and wine are believed to help the heart, then they belong to the group. They are mostly served in restaurants as part of a meal or if a customer orders a particular brand from their winery.

Some restaurants don’t serve beer as a rule unless a customer requests it. Beers are usually sold in local pubs and depending on the type of clientele they serve. Thinking of purchasing your favourite drink? you can take a look at our article, 5 Reasons You Should Purchase Wine and Beer Online in the UK
Food and beverage companies have a lot to benefit from reviews. Reviews drive more people to them, creates more room for expansion, takes them global or nationwide, and makes them a trusted brand in the industry.

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