All you need to know about Telecom This Year

Telecom 101: An Introductory Guide into the Telecom Industry

Most people think telecom is all about digital communication. In reality, it spans analogue systems too and a host of communication channels. In this article, we'll explain the concept of telecom and the intricacies inherent. You'll find the best resources on how to pick the right service provider for your needs, as well as trustworthy customer reviews to provide greater insight into the offerings available.

What is Telecom?

Telecom is short for telecommunication and refers to how information such as voice, data, and video are exchanged through digital technologies. For telecommunication to be successful, there has to be a circuit that features a transmitter and a receiver. Without the presence of these two focal points, telecommunication is practically impossible.

Common digital channels that incorporate the use of telecommunication include:

  • Satellites
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Internet

The Telecommunication Sector

Simply put, the telecommunication sector comprises companies that can provide communication services on a wide network scale with wires (fibre optics) or wirelessly. Like we've established earlier, these companies are responsible for the seamless transfer of data forms like voice, audio, video, and spoken words. Common examples of companies that feature in the telecom industry are internet service providers, TV providers, cable companies, and satellite companies.

However, it's worth noting that this sector wasn't all smooth sailing as we know today. In the 80s and 90s, telecommunication was a league of big nations and regions coming together to provide communication services. The 2000s marked a change in proceedings as deregulation rules and a plethora of innovations found a way into the telecommunication sector.

Although there has been a tilt, competition is still waxing strong in this industry. Why? For the most part, these companies are privatized, and there's now a constant battle amongst entities to bring about innovations crucial in luring customers.

The above analogy brings us to our next point - what services are binding to telecommunications?

Services Provided by Telecom Companies

The transfer of data wirelessly or wired, currently, is possible through telecommunications. And these telecom services vary depending on the company, service type, plan, and area. The common solutions proffered include:


POTS can be said to be the modern terminology for landlines. Landlines, as we all know, are used for voice calls that happen on a global scale. If we're to put things into scientific terms, POTS have a maximum circuit value of 52 kilobits per second.

2. T1 Lines

This telecommunication service offers more bandwidth than POTS, coming in at 1.54 megabits. It's worth noting that this value is capped as T1 lines aren't flexible enough to attain higher numbers.

3. Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet uses fibre optics for data's seamless transfer, unlike POTS and T1 lines that feature copper in their circuit makeup.
Having a speed range of 3 megabits to 1 gigabit per second, Metro Ethernet is ideal for small to large scaled companies or organizations.

4. Optical Telecommunication Services

The telegraph is the communication medium that brought about the start of optical telecommunication. However, the indoctrination of fibre optics has marked a remarkable change in this communication variation.
Here, data is converted into beams used for light projecting. These beams are now transferred into fibre optics cables using a traditional connection form known as infrared.

5. Radio Telecommunication Systems

Radio Telecommunication systems are mediums that allow for wireless communication over a considerable distance.
For example, the radio broadcasts we listen to on our smartphones and car stereos are made possible by radio transmitters that feature end-to-end decoding.

6. Mobile Phone Deals

With telecom companies offering so many services, individuals might wonder how they're concerned with mobile phone deals.
Well, it's worth noting that UK telecom companies like Verizon, AT&T, and others partner with actual smartphone companies to deliver mouthwatering incentives to consumers. Learn more about mobile phone deals here.

7. Full-Duplex Systems

These systems are another telecommunication service present across UK telecom companies. They are designed to make communication between two parties uniform and more convenient across the board.

8. Internet Service Providers

The Internet is taking over proceedings in the telecommunication world, and this meteoric rise isn't slowing down anytime soon. With the incorporation of fibre optics, telecom companies are now giving their patrons some affordable mobile deals to access the world wide web.

With the Internet reducing the number of individuals making voice calls, the prices of accompanying internet deals might vary. Hence, we've made an introductory guide on Internet Service Providers for you to understand the intricacies inherent.

9. TV Providers

Although it might be a tad bit weird for some individuals, some telecom companies, apart from offering internet services, double as TV providers.
Albeit rare, these companies offer cable TV services to patrons that need them. To know more about this aspect of telecom, we have a comprehensive article on TV providers, just for you!

The Importance of Telecommunication: How It Affects Our Everyday Lives

Telecommunications, whether you like it or not, affect how we live and transact with one another. This communication medium is crucial in so many ways, including:

Giving Satisfaction to Our Varying Needs

Telecommunication is part and parcel of our lives, and the connection it provides is essential to how present-day society operates.
Currently, telecommunication has become the bedrock of families, communities, and governments as they're crucial for information dissemination.
Due to telecommunication, we now have access to the Internet, social media, and phone calls. All these benefits are crucial in satisfying our varying needs.

Instrumental for Security

In terms of security, telecommunication is one essential medium there is due to its comprehensive coverage.
Apart from giving natural disaster alerts, most governments invest heavily in technology to nullify external threats and safeguard citizens at all times.

Gives Room for Participation

In almost every country worldwide, there are remote communities present. Back in the day, these communities found it difficult to access basic life amenities.
Now, with telecommunications at the thick of proceedings, dwellers in these communities can source goods and services vital for their livelihoods and get them to themselves through different transport mediums.
With the accessibility telecommunication provides, remote areas can experience growth and development also.

Aids Education

Outside the ambits of traditional schooling, students have the luxury to access information on different platforms. These days, all you need is a phone and a stable internet service to access global information with one tap.
Some of the largest institutions worldwide are now using telecommunication to foster remote learning. This development, in the long run, makes students spend less while learning conveniently.

Crucial for Businesses

Telecommunication and businesses go hand in hand, with the former offering entrepreneurs operational efficiency.
For example, people can conduct business with online businesses like Amazon from the comfort of their homes. A win-win for both parties involved.

Telecommunication and Healthcare

Although some people might not realize this, telecommunication has a significant role to play across UK healthcare facilities.
With telecommunication, the need to book appointments to see medical practitioners is non-existent as you can talk extensively with these professionals, all thanks to nifty add-ons like Video Conferencing and the likes.

Telecom Companies: What to Look Out for in a Telecom Provider

Although taking out time to check for the best telecom companies on ReviewsBird is a path that's advisable to take, making some considerations about what telecom provider you choose is also vital.
With different telecom companies doing their best to retain customers by providing incentives like mouth-watering mobile phone deals, you have to choose a provider that features products and services that accentuate your needs.

Below are some points to consider:

1. Network Reliability and Security

These are two focal points that matter to consumers before making a telecom provider choice. Here, a secure network employs some facilities to neutralize threats from hacks and any form of service attacks.
If you're running a business, the reliability of a telecom provider is sacrosanct. Why? Even the slightest of glitches or errors in transmission could spell doom, as you're likely to lose sums in their hundreds, thousands, and sometimes, millions.
Therefore, it's crucial to choose one that's safe and secure across the board.

2. Offerings and Support

You'll need to acclimate yourself with the products and services provided by the provider you're looking to patronize.
Do they offer mind-blowing plans and bonuses? Are their plans flexible? Giving answers to these questions plays a crucial role in determining whether or not you should consider a provider at all.
Support-wise, the saying "Customers Are Everything" comes into play. Most times, the absence of an efficient customer support team could be a massive setback to customer relations.
Therefore, make sure that you make findings of customer support at the telecom provider you're looking into and how quick they are to resolve issues.

3. Technology and Scalability

Technology is constantly evolving, and it's only fitting that the telco of your choice does the same.
The provider must ensure that all systems vital to its daily running are regularly updated with the best innovations technology offers. This aspect is crucial as it ensures that the telecom company can carry out operations seamlessly without any hitches.
For scalability, make sure the telecom provider is well-rooted to handle future growth as your ever-changing needs deserve to be well catered for.

Reviews on Telecommunication Providers

Telecom companies offering different services like satellite TV or mobile deals are in a constant battle to create offerings crucial in luring customers. No matter how mouth-watering they might seem, always make sure to read reviews of telecom companies.

With so many UK telecom companies, choosing the one that tallies with your preferences is sure to go a long way in fostering convenience in your personal and professional life aspects. And real customer reviews are the surefire way to achieve that.

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